Air fryer chicken wings are so delicious and easy to make

Platings and Pairings

I love chicken wings but the only time I eat them is when my family and I go out to eat. Whenever I try to make them at home they never achieve that irresistible level of crispiness I love underneath the sauce. Chicken-wing love aside, as someone who is also trying to eat healthier, I understand that restaurant wings have to be an occasional treat. Fortunately, thanks to the air fryer, I can indulge in wings at home in a healthier way and still get that satisfying crispiness I crave.

In my quest to keep crispy, saucy wings in my life, I’ve stumbled upon a recipe that I plan to add to my weeknight menu. To earn that distinction, a recipe has to have the ability to be thrown together in less than 45 minutes, include easy-to-find ingredients and require minimal preparation. The Plating and Pairings recipe for Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Buffalo Sauce ticks off all of these boxes.

Platings and Pairings

Erin, the culinary master behind Platings and Pairings, grew up in the Buffalo, New York, area, so she knows a few things about making this iconic dish. These particular wings are no muss, no fuss. She believes that keeping the wing prep simple allows the flavor of both the wing and the sauce to really shine through.

One of Erin’s top tips for great chicken wings is to avoid using the boneless variety.

“The traditional wings are always served on the bone, and it’s up to you whether you prefer the drumettes or the wingettes,” she writes. “I tend to grab the drumettes because they’re easier to eat, but the wingettes seem to have a lot more flavor.”

Erin limits this recipe to only six ingredients, including the wings! Take a look at the recipe to get the full details. You might even have everything in your pantry already!

Also, make sure to follow Erin’s instructions on how to get the maximum level of crispiness from your wings. Hint: Start low and slow and then give the heat a boost toward the end.

Plating and Pairings

In less than an hour, you’ll have crispy wings dripping in mouth-watering sauce ready to serve to the whole family!


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