Pizza Hut’s new Nashville hot wings are its spiciest yet

Pizza Hut

If you like your pizza with a side of hot wings — and some spice — get ready for a treat.

While Pizza Hut already has a variety of wings on their menu, they have just added their hottest wings yet: Nashville Hot. Available now nationwide at locations that offer wings, Pizza Hut says the new flavor will “put your tastebuds to the test.”

Inspired by sweat-inducing Nashville-style spice and southern heat, Nashville Hot wings feature a cayenne pepper sauce with a blend of tangy, savory and sweet flavors.

While Pizza Hut doesn’t say exactly how long they’ll be on the menu, they do say they’re only around for a limited time, so if you’re into spicy wings, make sure to get them soon.

When Pizza Hut tweeted out the news about these wings, the response was positive — mostly from people who wanted to try them but hadn’t had the chance yet:

In a blog post, Pizza Hut claims their wings are bigger than their competitors, cooked fresh and have the “perfect crisp.” The Hut’s other wing flavors include teriyaki, garlic parmesan and honey barbecue. They are available in traditional or boneless styles.

If you don’t have a Pizza Hut near you, you can find spicy wings at pretty much any pizza place, including Papa John’s and Dominos.

Papa John’s has three flavors, including buffalo, barbecue and honey chipotle. You can also get them “unsauced” and apply your own hot sauce at home.

Dominos has even more choices with nine offerings, including spicy jalapeno pineapple and sweet mango habanero.


Of course, you could also make wings in your own kitchen, controlling just how much heat you want.

If you don’t like your wings with a kick, however, check out this recipe for crispy baked parmesan garlic wings. The wings only require five minutes of prep time — after drizzling your pat-dried wings in olive oil, salt and pepper, you simply pop them into the oven for a few minutes in the broiler.

For the sauce, all you’ll need is butter, fresh garlic, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes, smoked paprika and parmesan cheese. How easy is that?


Will you be heading to your local Pizza Hut to try their new Nashville Hot wings?

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