17 Emojis You’ve Probably Been Using The Wrong Way


Over six billion text messages are sent in the U.S. everyday. That’s over 2.2 trillion each year, reports Forrester Research.

Using an emoji, how would you react to that statistic?


Both of those probably wouldn’t be the correct one to use, however, according to what they were actually created to convey. The first one above, for example, is scared and in fear, while the second is a hushed face.

Says who, you ask? Unicode is the international coding language that computing systems use to communicate around the world. Unicode.org is the consortium that supports this language. And while that all may sound complicated, it’s to say that the folks at Unicode have the name of each emoticon listed and, well, not every emoticon is exactly what you may have thought it was.

So how many emojis are you using wrong on a daily basis? Here are 17 emojis with commonly mistaken identities.

1. Disappointed But Relieved Face

disappointed yet relieved

Many people confuse this emoji with the crying face. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the water droplet is coming from the eyebrow and running down the side of the face. This signifies sweat. This emoji is known as the Eyebrow Sweat Emoji.

2. Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration


This emoticon was not designed specifically to praise Jesus or a touchdown, but simply to celebrate a joyous event.

3. Face Savoring Delicious Food

savor delicious food

This emoji is not to signify you’re feeling silly, but rather, that you’re enjoying delicious food.

4. Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

Smiley face with smiling eyes

This smiley face with rosy cheeks is meant to show you’re truly happy. It’s most commonly used with people you are best friends with and shows you’re all warm and fuzzy inside.

5. Kissing Face

kissing face

Most people commonly assume this face means you’re whistling. But it’s actually signifies kissing. So it makes sense that the emoji below is a blowing a kiss, right?


6. Tired Face


Think this is the whining face? Think again. This emoji means you’re tired—and need a nap! But I could see being tired and whining go hand-in-hand, couldn’t you?

7. Japanese Symbol For Beginner


Thought this was just a fun little symbol, or maybe a king’s flag from “Game of Thrones”? Think again. It’s the Japanese symbol for being a beginner. In Japan, this yellow and green shield must be displayed in the window of a new driver for the first year.

8. Neutral Face


This face means that you have no emotion whatsoever about the conversation you’re having. Don’t confuse this with the expressionless face (below).

9. Expressionless Face


This face is to specifically convey that you have “no comment.”

10. Pouting Face


This face does not means you’re raging mad, simply that you’re pouting. Well, shoot.

11. Pot of Food


This emoji is commonly mistaken for dumplings. It’s simply a pot of various foods.

12. Persevering Face


I used to think this face meant being in pain, or reaaaally having to go to the bathroom. Boy was I wrong. It’s meant to show helplessness, or someone on the verge of tears.

13. Rice Cracker


This is not a weird looking burnt cookie. Rather, it’s a rice cracker with a piece of seaweed wrapped around the bottom. Rice crackers are commonly served this way.

14. Anger Bubble


Not to be confused with a regular speech bubble, the sharp points indicate this is for angry speech. So if you send or receive this emoji, know there is anger behind the message.

15. Man In Business Suit Levitating


Think he’s jumping for joy? Think again—he’s actually levitating.

16. Face Screaming In Fear


This is not a shocked face, but rather one screaming in fear. It’s inspiration came from the famous painting “The Scream” by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch.

17. Hot Springs


Nope, this not a flaming bowl of soup. It’s a symbol for hot springs. This symbol is commonly found on Japanese maps.

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]


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