This Everything Bagel Breakfast ‘Bundtwich’ Is A Genius Way To Feed A Crowd


Few things make a sandwich feel special like freshly baked bread. You can come up with creative condiments and add some fancy cheeses, but slap it all between a couple of stale slices and you won’t have a sammie worth celebrating (or serving to guests).

Baking a good loaf of bread from scratch is a challenge that can take you all day, though, so for those who are both pressed for time and feeding a crowd, store-bought dough is a lifesaver. Plus, this recipe has yet another delicious twist: You’ll bake the dough in that bundt pan that’s buried in the back of your kitchen cabinet, after adding a little bit of seasoning for a pop of extra flavor.

Suddenly you’ve got something seriously tasty and presentable on your hands — the base for your everything bagel breakfast bundtwich, courtesy of Pillsbury.

The recipe calls for rolling two cans of Pillsbury’s French bread dough in everything-bagel seasoning, then baking them together in a bundt pan.


The result is a round bread that looks a bit like an everything bagel, but bigger — so big, you can put breakfast on it and feed a whole crowd of people. The recipe calls for crispy bacon, a giant circle of eggs and cheese, spinach and a cream cheese spread, but you can build out your bundtwich any way you like.

At her 4 Sons R Us blog, Meaghan’s recipe for a cold cut bundt pan sandwich also calls for two cans of pre-made dough from the grocery store. The rest of the ingredients are pretty standard for a sammie — ham, turkey, cheeses, mayo, mustard — but again, that freshly baked bread makes all the difference, and the round shape will surprise your guests.

4 Sons R Us

And now that you’ve dusted off that bundt pan, you might as well make some more dishes with it, like baked mac and cheese or a biscuit-based breakfast bundt.



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