Faith Hill’s Daughter Is Basically Her Mini-Me

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Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have some pretty good genes between the two of them. So it’s no surprise that the country superstars’ three daughters are also quite striking.

In particular, middle daughter, Maggie Elizabeth’s, family resemblance stood out in the news this past year. That’s because Tim “You Can Call Me Hot Dad” McGraw took Maggie with him to both the CMT Music Awards and the AMAs.

They made quite the adorable dad-daughter pair.

And a further look at McGraw’s and Hill’s social media postings shows their daughter has a fairly uncanny likeness to her mother in many ways. With the same height, build and long blonde hair, Maggie’s a mini-Faith.

More than a pretty face, Maggie is into free diving and marine biology, according to a Country Countdown USA interview with her dad. When Maggie turned 18 on Aug. 12, her parents got wistful online.

“How did this happen???!!!! Maggie is 18 today,” Hill posted.

“Happy birthday Maggie May. I’m so very proud of you! You shine like the California sun!!” her dad tweeted.

In 2016, Maggie headed off to college. But not before a road trip documented by Hill on social media.

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There were the pit stops for food.

Roadside attractions.

A turtle rescue.

Kitty acquaintances.

And, of course, singing.

Because what else do you with your famous country singer mother while road tripping than belt out Taylor Swift tunes?

You might even forget McGraw and Hill are a country music power couple after their typical parental reaction to sending a child off to college. Read: lots of tears.

While Maggie may resemble her mother a bit more in the looks department, her two sisters are distinctive as well.

Eldest daughter, Gracie Katherine, has started a musical career, including dueting with her dad. And with her two older sisters at college, high school freshman, Audrey Caroline, is enjoying having her parents more to herself.

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For her part, Hill stays busy bringing her latest creative undertaking to fruition. Hill is the executive producer of “Pickler & Ben,” a new daytime talk show hosted by award-winning country music artist Kellie Pickler and Emmy Award-winning journalist Ben Aaron.

According to a press release about the show (which, full disclosure, is a product of Simplemost’s parent company, E.W. Scripps Company), Hill’s “hands-on approach and keen eye will be reflected in every aspect of this new show.”

Sounds like all good things are in store for the Hill/McGraw family!

[h/t: Niki Swift]

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