Find the ghost among the skeletons in Halloween brainteaser

Find the ghost among skeletons puzzle
Facebook | Gergely Dudás-Dudolf

Challenge your brain this Halloween season with a spooky brainteaser!

Created by master puzzle-creator Gergely Dudás-Dudolf, this ghoulish hunt-and-find puzzle is sure to stump you and your loved ones. It sounds simple enough: All you have to do is find the hidden ghost in the understated puzzle design that features repeating images of white skeletons broken up by bright orange jack-o’-lanterns.

Although the challenge seems simple, you might be surprised by how much you struggle to find the hidden ghost! Check out the puzzle here in his Facebook post:

If you’re ready to see the solution, click here.

Once you find the hidden ghost, take a look at some of the other Halloween puzzles created by Dudolf. In the jack-o’-lantern puzzle below, you have to find the pumpkin that is missing a nose.

Have a puzzle-lover in your life? You can buy a whole book of Dudolf’s puzzles, including this Halloween puzzle book, “Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things: Halloween Seek-and-Find (Search and Find Adventure),” which is available on Amazon for $7.83.

Dudolf also has puzzle books for the upcoming holidays, including a Christmas-themed seek-and-find. And last year, he offered a calendar for 2021, so you could keep the puzzles going all year long.


The Hungarian-born artist has been a favorite among puzzle-lovers for a while, but Dudolf is also a gifted children’s book author and illustrator. He illustrates Beth Ferry’s “Fox & Rabbit” series, which is beloved among elementary school students. The graphic novels tell the story of an anxious rabbit and a fun-loving fox, and the hilarious hijinks that occur during their friendship. Find the first book in the series on Amazon for $11.79, and the latest installment, “Fox & Rabbit Make Believe,” for $12.99.

Readers of the “Fox & Rabbit” series can also enjoy some of Dudolf’s puzzles featuring the beloved characters. He posted a photo on Twitter inviting followers to spot 10 differences in images from a “Fox & Rabbit” installment.

Follow him on social media or visit his blog for other fun hide-and-seek puzzles to help your kids stay mentally stimulated and motivated to read.


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