This puzzle involves literally finding the needle in the haystack

Needle in haystack puzzle from Dudolf
Facebook / Gergely Dudás - Dudolf

Finding a needle in a haystack might sound like an impossible mission, but if you choose to accept it, you will earn serious seek-and-find street cred.

The needle in the haystack comes to us from none other than master illustrator and puzzle-creator, Gergely Dudás (better known as Dudolf). The Hungarian artist creates lively, vibrant seek-and-find puzzles for everyone from kids to adults, and this latest one is a real head-scratcher.

Check out the image Dudás posted to Facebook. Once you think you have the answer, click here to check your solution. (No snooping ahead of time!)

Want a hint before you look at the solution?

Look in the center of the illustration.

Still in the mood for autumn-themed seek-and-find puzzles? Try this one that asks you asks you to find the acorn among the autumn leaves.

Hard, isn’t it? Now you know how tough it is for squirrels when they’re trying to find nuts for the winter!

You can find the solution here when you are ready to check your answer.

Dudás is a self-taught illustrator who has also lent his talent to children’s books. He is the artist behind the “Fox and Rabbit” graphic novel series (written by Beth Ferry), in which he brings lovable characters like Fox, Rabbit, Sparrow and Owl to life on the page. His color palette is simultaneously bright yet soothing, offering muted warm shades and tender, gentle animals that are the perfect book for bedtime reading.

“Gergely’s art inspired the entire idea of Fox & Rabbit,” Ferry told School Library Journal. “He is fantastic at conveying expressions and relationships through facial expressions and body language with characters that have NO mouths. It’s amazing!”

You can find the Fox & Rabbit series here or check out Gergely Dudás’s “Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things: Halloween Seek-and-Find (Search and Find Adventure)” on Amazon or your local bookstore. This would make a great gift for Halloween fans in your life who also enjoy seek-and-find challenges.

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