Fireball Chocolate Chip Cookies are the dessert you didn’t know you needed

Cupcakes for Dinner

Bring on the Fireball! It turns out that this whiskey is not only great for spiking cider, eggnog and other seasonal beverages, but can also come in handy in the kitchen.

Recipes such as Fireball French toast and whiskey-infused chocolate cake are proving that you can’t go wrong when adding a dash of whiskey to, well, anything! Exhibit A: Fireball Whisky Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

This recipe comes from Cupcakes For Dinner and will help you take your chocolate chip cookie-baking up a notch. The addition of Fireball is a fun twist on the classic cookie recipe, and it surely won’t go unnoticed. The recipe calls for all of the usual cookie-making culprits — flour, eggs, butter and baking soda — but the ingredients that make these chocolate chip cookies extra special include cinnamon, brown sugar, extra large chocolate melts and, of course, Fireball.

Thanks to the addition of extra chocolate and the spice from the cinnamon and Fireball, these cookies are an ooey, gooey flavor bomb you never knew your life was missing.

Get a load of that center, and consider it a Christmas miracle:

Cupcakes for Dinner

If you’re curious about other ways you can incorporate Fireball into your usual holiday dessert lineup, prepare yourselves. One thing you can do is add Fireball to your fudge. It’s a great way to remind everyone that grandma didn’t make the fudge this year.

This recipe from Wine and Glue uses only four ingredients, so not only will it pack a punch — it’ll be super easy to make, too.

Wine and Glue

And if you typically serve cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, consider this recipe from A Beautiful Mess. It calls for the addition of whiskey in the glaze, so it’s sure to take your cinnamon rolls to the next level.

When the rolls are fresh out of the oven and topped with glaze, they’ll look a little something like this and pack a Fireball kick:

A Beautiful Mess

Lesson learned. Adding Fireball to all of your favorite winter staples will keep the season lively and delicious.

Let the baking begin!

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