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These Florentine ‘Lace’ Cookies Are Delightfully Light And Crispy


Florentine lace cookies are light, delicate and delicious cookies that look like something you would find in an expensive bakery but are actually deceptively simple to make.

They are also perfect for the holiday season, as they elevate the traditional chocolate chip or shortbread cookie recipe into something more refined and elegant. They make perfect holiday gifts and they are impressive and unique enough to play a starring role in a Christmas cookie swap.

As the name suggests, Florentine cookies hail from Italy, and they get their “lace” moniker because they are so delicate and lacy.

To make these cookies, you first start by melting sugar, butter and heavy cream in a saucepan. Some recipes, such as this one from Bright-Eyed Baker, also call for corn syrup (which helps the cookies stay together and lends a touch of sweetness).

After you let the mixture cool, you then add in cocoa and finely crushed almonds. You can use a food processor or blender to get the right consistency for the almonds or crush them by hand. Remember: You don’t want the almonds to be completely ground, just chopped into small, crunchy chunks.

Bright Eyed Baker

Once the cookies have baked and cooled, you then drizzle them with melted chocolate. Over at Fifteen Spatulas, Joanne drizzles hers with both white and dark chocolate, and she really brings in the flavors of the season by using orange zest and orange marmalade in her cookie dough. Yum!

There is something so festive about almonds, chocolate and oranges. The combination of all three is like a Christmas party in your mouth!

Fifteen Spatulas

Or try this recipe variation for Oatmeal Lace Florentine Cookies from Dessert Now, Dinner Later that calls for quick oats, which gives substance and depth to the dough without requiring the legwork (or armwork) of crushing up your own almonds. This is also a smart bet if you are making cookies for a school event or anyplace else where nut allergies could be a concern.

Dessert Now, Dinner Later

Whatever option you choose, Florentine lace cookies are some of the prettiest and most delicious ways to ring in the holiday season!