Flower men step in when flower girl falls asleep at wedding

three men in suits carrying a flower girl dressed in a fluffy white dress
TikTok | Briana Imbriano

What do you do when the flower girl falls asleep on the job? The wedding must go on!

When Tara Colella planned her Oct. 7 wedding to John Hallman, she gave her niece Charlotte Ross one job — scattering petals in the aisle.

And one-year-old Charlotte was dressed and ready, wearing a fluffy white dress and carrying a beribboned basket of petals. In fact, she was about to lead the procession along with fellow family members, John Peter Tripiccione and Matt and Jack Colella.

But then she nodded off in Tripiccione’s arms. And apparently, no coaxing would interrupt her beauty sleep. She was out.

So Tripiccione walked down the aisle, holding Charlotte and her basket, while the Colella brothers tossed the petals out of fanny packs attached at the waist. Charlotte’s mother, Briana Imbriano, captured the hilarious event and posted it on TikTok.

@brianalynn_i they understood the assignment 😎#flowermen #cousins #wedding ♬ original sound – brianalynn

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“When the flower girl falls asleep her security steps in,” Imbriano wrote in text overlaid on the video. In the caption, she wrote, “they understood the assignment 😎#flowermen #cousins #wedding.”

The dark suits and sunglasses certainly added to the “security team” vibe, and all three men clearly took their role seriously, playing it straight.

“We were all hysterical,” Imbriano told Good Morning America. “It was the funniest thing ever … It was the perfect combination of funny and cute.”

Luckily, all involved felt that way — even the bride and groom.

“In my sister’s eyes and my brother-in-law’s eyes, my daughter is an angel so … anything she does is perfect,” Imbriano told GMA. “So it didn’t matter if she was sleeping or walking, she was there so it was perfect.”

The viral video has been seen more than 8.6 million times, so a bunch of other people clearly thought the moment was perfect, too. And, fortunately, the flower girl woke up long enough to enjoy the after-wedding festivities.

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