Follow This Instagram Account To Find Out The Best (And Sappiest!) Christmas Movies To Watch This Season

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Ah, the holiday season! So many sugary Christmas movies to watch and so little time. Enter the brilliantly named Instagram account All The Jingle Ladies to help you pick your flicks.

Launched by two friends, Amber (@joleighblonde) and Erin (@erinwakeman) at the end of September 2019, the account’s goal is to offer recommendations and humorous reviews on Hallmark, Lifetime and other cheesily good (and bad) holiday films.

“We’ve created a warehouse of cheesy, classic, tearjerker Christmas movies that you can’t miss, might wanna skip, or MUST WATCH NOW!!” Amber said on a post introducing their new IG page. “Get your after bedtime, chore doing, snack grabbing self ready for some holiday flicks.”

The emphasis here is on various grades of sappiness, so you won’t find as many mainstream Christmas films in the traditional sense of the word. Unless you think “A Christmas Prince” is a new classic, and we are here for that.

Reviews operate on a snowflake rating system with one snowflake being the worst and five the best. Plus All the Jingle Ladies add their own humorous take on each flick. For example, “A Very Country Christmas” gets 3 snowflakes and this intro:

“Y’all, if you haven’t noticed the caption above the stock photo yet, this movie was based off of a harlequin novel — yes, like the sappy books Aunt Patsy reads — but with less sensuality, because it’s a cheesy Christmas movie and you’re only allowed to kiss once (unless it’s a Netflix original 🤭).”

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Our snowflake rating: ❄️❄️❄️ Y’all, if you haven’t noticed the caption above the stock photo yet, this movie was based off of a harlequin novel-yes, like the sappy books Aunt Patsy reads-but with less sensuality, because it’s a cheesy Christmas movie and you’re only allowed to kiss once (unless it’s a Netflix original 🤭). When superstar country singer Zane, who has only ever dreamed of having a family escapes to a small town, he runs into widowed and single mother Jeanette, who has no idea who he is. Obviously, magic ensues. With ample money to spoil mother and daughter, and a mission to stay hidden from the public-lots of quiet sweet moments are sure to follow. Will the dedicated mother who doesn’t date hitch her wagon to the suave and slick haired man longing to leave the spotlight? You’ll have to watch and see! Bonus: Deana Carter has a cameo role AND this movie has a sequel coming this year!

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It’s important to note that the letters that appear on the top left of each movie image are for what streaming source you can watch the movie on (though many are also available on TV this season): D+ for Disney Plus, N for Netflix, P for Amazon Prime, H for Hulu, and A for regular Amazon video purchases.

So “Noelle,” the new Disney Plus holiday film didn’t get a D+ grade. In fact, the jingle ladies loved it. “Oh my garland, this movie is cute!!” they wrote of the film starring Anna Kendrick, and which they think is “stinkin’ jolly.”

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Our Snowflake Score: ❄️❄️❄️ Oh my garland, this movie is cute!! The first Christmas film we’ve streamed on the new Disney + platform and WORTH it!!! I’ve read a few critical reviews but it’s so stinkin’ jolly!! When Noelle Kringle’s brother-the new santa- disappears, she must venture away from the North Pole for the first time ever to find him and bring him back! The patriarchal Santa legacy is transposed against the strength of this female star, and the contrast of the Phoenix strip mall setting is a dreary alternative to the grandeur of the Pole, but I assume that’s the reason they chose that city instead of a Christmas dazzled one like NYC. Anna Kendrick has the bustling energy and innocence of a bouncing child, which makes for so many laughable scenes, but y’all, there’s a love story tucked in here too!! Can Noelle bring some Christmas joy to even the most doubtful of men? Watch this in yoga pants, eating yogurt (not sunblock) and thank us later.

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Other top All the Jingle Ladies’ favorites so far include “Christmas with Holly,” (orphaned niece leads uncle to love), “Borrowed Hearts” (Roma Downey and Eric McCormack find love), “A Bramble House Christmas” (love overcomes misunderstandings at a cute inn), “The Spirit of Christmas” (time-travel romance), and “A Christmas Kiss” (elevator entrapment leads to romance). These all received a four-snowflake rating.

Amber and Erin also slip in some funny recommendations for food and beverage pairings to some of the reviews. So after reading their recaps, be prepared to want heaps of gingerbread, popcorn and hot cocoa.

All the Jingle Ladies have only just gotten started with their holiday film reviews and are taking suggestions for what you want them to review.

What’s your favorite holiday romance movie?