Walmart has ugly Christmas suits and ties for all your holiday party needs

Ugly Christmas sweaters are always a hit at holiday parties, but don’t think you have to keep wearing the same old funny pullover each and every year. You can mix things up for Christmas 2017—especially now that Walmart is selling ugly Christmas suits and ties.

You heard us right. Ugly Christmas suits and ties actually exist, and these three-piece suits will have you looking dapper and festive—at the same time. And rest assured, they’re sure to be just as big of a hit as that sweater your grandmother knitted. Just look at these Walmart employees showing us all how Christmas dressing is really done:

It doesn’t get greater than this!

These suits are festive and hilarious.

The good news is that these suits are available both in stores and online, but keep in mind that each in-store selection will be completely unique. If you shop online, however, here’s what you’ll find:

Green Christmas Tree Suit

You’ll be the life of the party when you’re all dressed up and decorated just like a Christmas tree. This three-piece suit option includes the jacket, pants and tie for just $59.99, and is available online at Walmart.


Christmas Suit

Everything you love about the holiday season—Santa, poinsettias, snowflakes—are all printed directly onto this suit. So, no one will be able to accuse you of not being in the Christmas spirit! This version is available for $49.94 and runs from small to 2XL.


Trees And Wreaths Suit

Trees and wreaths were just for the home—but now they’re also for your ugly Christmas attire. This red suit is covered in all of the greenery associated with the holiday, and it couldn’t be more festive if it tried. Add this piece to your closet for $59.99.


Gingerbread Men Suit

This suit is covered in the cutest little gingerbread men. The one with a broken leg is saying “Oh Snap,” so not only is this pattern adorable—it’s funny, too. You could own it for $49.94.


Snowman And Santa Tee

If you don’t want to get all dressed up in a suit, but are still looking to get a laugh, you can go with this T-shirt that looks like a suit, but which is much more relaxed. More your speed? Then shop it for $22.90.


Of course, these aren’t the only Christmas-themed items you’ll want to wear this season. There are also matching pajamas you can get for the entire family and light-up Toms decorated with a string light print that you and the kids can wear, too.

So, make sure your family is ready to deck the closets (in addition to the halls) this Christmas!