You Can Buy Rosé Sorbet By The Pint And Take Your Summer To A Whole New Level

A glass of rosé is the wine of choice among many of us for being light and oh-so-sippable in the summer. Thanks to the invention of frosé — a.k.a. frozen rosé — it’s a delicious dessert, too. And now that there’s Frosé Sorbet being sold by the pint, it won’t officially be summer until you’ve got some in your freezer.

You have the brand Jeni’s to thank for your new favorite icy treat. Their Frosé Sorbet is filled with strawberry flavor, blackberry jam and lemon zest. Combine that with pear and strawberry, as well as watermelon essence, and you’ve got the ultimate fruity concoction. Most importantly, Jeni’s uses rosé from the Peregrine Ranch in Sonoma Valley to create this creamy decadence:

If you live near one of the Jeni’s ice cream shops in select cities such as Cleveland, Nashville, Chicago, or St. Louis, among others, then you can stop in for a scoop.

However, Jeni’s is also available in both speciality food stores and supermarkets across the country, so you’ll have to see if a store near you carries it. If all else fails, Jeni’s has an online store where a pint of rosé-inspired deliciousness retails for $12.00.

No matter where you live, you’ll be able to eat Frosé Sorbet straight from the pint this summer!



Jeni’s website recommends you enjoy this treat “with your favorite sparkling wine, a shot of tequila, or even more rosé.” Scoop some Frosé Sorbet into a glass and pour a little more rosé on top for the ultimate adult beverage or use it to make a punch so your summer brunches are all the more boozy. The possibilities are endless here, and that’s what makes sipping rosé in the summertime so great.

The rosé fun doesn’t have to stop there. There are plenty of other brands coming up with ways for you to enjoy this summertime favorite including rosé ciderrosé vodka and even rosé gummy bears. So, how will you enjoy rosé this summer?