Proud Papa George Clooney Dishes On His Infant Twins

George Clooney is still keeping their photos out of the public eye, but the Hollywood star is opening up about life as a doting dad to twins. Clooney and his wife, international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, welcomed their twins in June. And Clooney recently told Extra his little ones already have their own personalities.

“Ella is very elegant and dainty [and] she has these big beautiful eyes, she looks like Amal,” Clooney said. As for son Alexander, who weighs three pounds more than Ella? “He’s just a thug, he’s a fat little boy, he laughs louder than everyone in the room, it’s the funniest thing,” he said.

george amal clooney photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

And this new dad has another parenting update just in time for Halloween. Scary, sometimes disturbing, baby diaper drama comes in twos when you’re dealing with twins.

“They started a little thing called solid food,” he told E! News. “Let me tell you what goes wrong with solid food. It goes in a carrot. It does not come out a carrot. It comes out like something horrific—like something’s exploded.”

George Clooney has been hitting the interview scene to promote his new movie, Suburbicon. At a recent party to promote the film, the actor showed off photos of Alexander and Ella on his phone to friends.

But he hopes the rest of us won’t get that coveted glimpse of the twins in a magazine anytime soon. The Clooneys are being very private about keeping the twins away from paparazzi.

“I was really disturbed by a guy who tried to sneak into our hotel in Venice,” Clooney told USA Today. “I know the price that’s on our kids’ heads, that photograph.” He explained that he and his wife have discussed selling a photo to circumvent the paparazzi. They don’t want to do it, he explained, but he knows it may end up becoming necessary “only to take the bounty off their heads.”

We’re glad the Clooneys are keeping their babies private for now. It’s such a special time of parenthood and they should enjoy it being just theirs!