Georgia man ate 82 Chick-fil-a nuggets in one sitting

Chicken nuggets are definitely one of those addictive, can’t-eat-just-one foods. Much like chips, French fries, or Hershey’s Kisses, once you have a couple, you want a couple more. Uproxx Sports Senior Writer Robby Kalland took that notion to the extreme when he ate an incredible 82 Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets in one sitting.

When Kalland heard that a Chick-fil-A location near him in Marietta, Georgia, was a holding and “All You Can Eat Nugget Night,” he considered it a challenge he had no choice but to accept.

Kalland was a little worried about how many nuggets he’d actually be able to scarf down, so he did some preparation. First, he ate what he calls a “modest lunch” of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with some Cape Cod potato chips.

To come up with a personal goal for the challenge, Kalland based it on basketball star Kobe Bryant’s highest-scoring game, during which he scored 82 points. If Bryant could score 82 points in a single game, Kalland figured he could surely put down 82 nuggets during a single meal. It doesn’t make a ton of sense, sure, but I like the metaphor.

Kalland went in with bravado, posting a picture of himself outside the restaurant declaring himself the champ before putting one single nugget to his lips:

Chick-fil-A didn’t plan the “all you can eat” evening as a competition, but Kalland had set a personal goal for himself, and he was determined to accomplish it. For $12.99, customers who wished to participate received 12 nuggets, a medium fry and a medium drink. The drink and nuggets were refillable, while the fries were not. Kalland decided to forgo the fries altogether in order to save room for as many nuggets as possible, of course.

In just the first 18 minutes, Kalland managed to polish off 36 nuggets.

Although he faced overwhelming fullness, Kalland was fortified to keep going by those sending him messages of support via Twitter and text.

With the aid of some sweet tea to cut the flavor of the nuggets, which understandably became less appetizing as the night wore on, Kalland managed to achieve his ultimate goal and consumed a staggering 82 nuggets.

Despite accomplishing what he set out to do, Kalland does not recommend trying to replicate his feat, writing: “Was it worth it? Probably not. How could it be? I wrecked my body with absolutely no reward. I certainly wouldn’t suggest anyone try it. If you find a local Chick-fil-A doing all you can eat nugget night, enjoy it. Take your time and eat a reasonable number of nuggets, get your money’s worth, and leave.”

Sounds like good advice to us!

[h/t Spoon University]