Grandkids are surprising their grandparents with sleepovers

Three TikTok screenshots of adult grandkids surprising their grandparents with sleepovers

TikTok trends can be hit or miss, but we think this one is pretty sweet.

Ahead of the holidays, the app became inundated with a rather wholesome new trend: Groups of grown grandkids, all cousins, gathered up their sleepover supplies and headed to their grandparents’ house for a surprise stay.

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In one particularly popular video — with 30 million views! — posted by TikToker Olivia Schindler, the group of cousins waits outside with pizzas and other party supplies as the doorbell rings a few times. Their recently widowed grandmother arrives at the door, looking clearly surprised — and very touched. The video then cuts to the big group of cousins gathered with Grandma in the living room, playing a card game together.

@oliviaschindler2 This is your sign to surprise your grandparents with a cousin sleep over❤️ #fyp #fypシ #grandma #cousins #family ♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

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In another sweet video from TikToker Aspiringnurse_Toni, a parade of grandkids — and great-grandkids! — spills into their bedridden grandmother’s house to spend the night with her, all clad in holiday pajamas.

@inspiringnurse_to Love, laugh, and make memories with grandma 🫶🏾 #sleepover #grandmaslove #suprises #cousinsleepover ♬ A Song For Mama – Boyz II Men

One group of grandkids was even interviewed by Good Morning America after their video went viral. Jesse Armstrong and her cousins visited their grandparents in Michigan on Dec. 22, just before the holidays. Armstrong posted the video of their surprise to her TikTok account:

@jessarmstrong19 Adult grandchild sleepover 🫶🏼 #grandparents #grandkids #christmas #newyears #slay #sleigh #willywonka #fyp ♬ These Memories – Hollow Coves

Armstrong told GMA that the surprise was extra-special for her grandfather, who had been experiencing some health challenges in the past year.

As for other grandkids who want to replicate the surprise, Armstrong offered a few tips. Bring plenty of food and snacks, she told GMA, and clean as you go “so as not to overwhelm your grandparents with extra chores and household work.”

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