Green Bay quarterback Jordan Love helped fan stranded in blizzard before Packers win

Lucy Kurowski and Jordan Love

This might be the most Wisconsin story of all time: A Green Bay Packers fan goes to a hair appointment in the middle of a blizzard. Her car gets hopelessly stuck in a snow drift, and then none other than the Packers’ QB pulls up and offers his help.

The best part? It’s all true:

Lucy Kurowski braved Blizzard Bennett on Friday as she headed to her hair salon in De Pere, Wisconsin. The roads were treacherous, but she made it there safely. However, on her way home, she wasn’t so lucky. As she left the salon, her car got stuck in a snowdrift, leaving her unable to accelerate forward or reverse. But luckily a superhero of the green and gold variety arrived to offer his strength.

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Over the weekend the area received up to 14 inches of snow, causing hundreds of accidents and disabled vehicles. Motorists were stranded on roadways across the state, but only 20-year-old Kurowski was lucky enough to get assistance from the Packers’ starting quarterback Jordan Love.

The story quickly went viral after Kurowski’s aunt tweeted about her niece’s brush with the football star:

Kurowski explained the situation to her local Fox 11 station, saying:

“He gets out of his car and he’s like, ‘Are you OK?'” Kurowski told Fox 11. “And I was like, ‘Are you Jordan Love?!’ I was fangirling. I couldn’t even believe it.”

Watch WLUK-TV Fox 11’s Michelle Melby interview Kurowski about the experience on YouTube below:

Although Love tried his best, they both quickly realized that one man wouldn’t be able to budge the car out of the snow, despite being a top-tier athlete on a legendary football team. And, most importantly, Kurowski didn’t want her team’s QB risking an injury before his game on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

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“This is not a good idea, you have a game on Sunday,” she told him, and Love agreed.

So she thanked him for his help, snapped a pic and sent Love on his way.

Her caution proved worthwhile, as the Packers went on to destroy the Cowboys in a wildcard victory that has been described as “arguably [the Cowboys’] most embarrassing playoff loss in recent memory.”

Perhaps Love’s team can thank him, not only for his prowess on the field but also for racking up good karma off the field as well.

And let’s not forget Wisconsin’s real MVP: Kurowksi’s hair stylist, out here styling hair even in the middle of a blizzard and making sure that Cheeseheads are ready to say cheese in all kinds of weather.

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