Meet The Hamdog, The Hamburger Hot Dog Mashup Of Your Dreams

Ahh, the age-old dilemma of not knowing whether to have a hot dog or a hamburger at a cookout has finally been solved. Why choose just one when you could have both? That’s what this Australian inventor thought when he came up with the idea for the Hamdog.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a hamburger and a hot dog, all in one bun. Mark Murray, the inventor who now has the idea patented, describes the food as “a party in your mouth.” And I’m fairly certain that’s an accurate depiction.

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I mean really, this is the food mashup of all food mashups, isn’t it? I’d have to say so!

So, according to BBC, this is how the Hamdog works. The hamburger patty is cut in half to allow the hot dog to fit. The bun looks like a hot dog bun with two hamburger buns attached to the side. So, it’s easy enough to look at (although slightly confusing), but actually eating it seems like it could pose quite the challenge.

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The publication reports that while idea was patented back in 2009, Murray has only just begun to sell his creation.

“We launched our marquee two months ago and we had people come from everywhere just to experience the Hamdog,” he told

So, if you ever find yourself down under, might as well do what the Aussies do. Go on and have yourself a Hamdog.

[h/t: BBC]