Harry & David Introduces New Veggie Of The Month Club

Move over, beauty boxes. A new subscription service is in town, and this one will work on your beauty (and health!) from the inside out.

We all know eating vegetables can provide ample benefits for our skin, our immune system, and many more aspects of our health. Still, it’s all too easy to skip the produce section of the grocery store when we’re in a rush and just want to head straight for the quick, prepared foods. To combat those unhealthy choices, Harry & David — the company responsible for the original Fruit of the Month Club more than 50 years ago — has added vegetables to its monthly subscription list.

That’s right: You can now have fresh, healthy vegetables delivered right to your door every month.

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Getty Images | Sean Gallup

The vegetables you’ll receive each month with a subscription to the Veggie of the Month Club will be chosen for their seasonality and exclusivity, so you’ll find both classic favorites and new flavors. From colorful cauliflower to baby candy cane beets and veggies you’ve probably never heard of — like cardoni — there’s no limit to what you can create with your monthly supply.

Starting at $119.99 for a three-month membership, the club is also available as a six-month or 12-month membership, each with the option to upgrade your first month’s shipment to a baby vegetable basket instead. In general, the weight of each monthly shipment can range from two pounds to five pounds, with individual quantities up to 20 (or more), depending on the vegetable.

When sold individually, each monthly shipment retails for $49.99. You can also see which veggies will be headed your way each month so you can start prepping some meal ideas.


The Veggie of the Month Club can also be given as a gift, which could come in handy with the fast-approaching holidays. Just make sure you’re giving it to someone who really loves veggies and wouldn’t mind receiving a bundle each month … or else you might not get the reaction you hoped for.


Another veggie-of-the-month subscription option is The Vegetable Club, which has been offering an organic vegetable of the month club since 1989. Their prices are slightly higher, but the products are organic, with a three-month subscription costing $149 and a 12-month subscription running for $599. You can also purchase just one month for $49.99, which will give you five pounds of vegetables (or $69.99 for 10 pounds).

If you’re ready for monthly veggies, just visit Harry & David’s website to begin your subscription. You’ll also get free shipping if you use the code “SUMMER8.” Will you be purchasing a subscription to the Vegetable of the Month Club?