This Harry Potter Makeup Brush Wand Collection Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen This Week

OK, so the recent Harry Potter makeup news was just a tease for us makeup-loving Potter fans.

While the HP makeup palette is not hitting shelves anytime soon (bummer!), this Harry Potter makeup brush collection is very real and will be available for you to purchase within six weeks. Unfortunately you will not be able to purchase the collection at Ollivanders, but it will be available through a new beauty brand “Storybook Cosmetics.”

The announcement was made via Instagram, and we could not be more excited!

The collection will include five different wizards’ wands. The extra-special thing about these makeup brushes is that they are replicas of Harry, Ron, Hermione, the Elder and Voldemort’s wands. Could you imagine doing your makeup with the Elder Wand? Your makeup is bound to be flawless. I mean, if you can’t lose a battle with the wand, you can’t have a bad makeup day.

The wands vary in shapes and sizes, just as the wands in the book do. The three smaller brushes (angled, smudge and round shadow) are designed to apply eyeshadow. The two bigger brushes are fluffier and better for blending and dusting powder.

Harry potter fans (myself included) are too excited for the release of these magical brushes.

It’s clearly a need not a want…

To top it off, the wand brushes will be shipped in an extra special velvet wand pouch.

Now, if only they magically applied the makeup for us… that would truly be amazing! The release of these brushes can’t come soon enough. Subscribe to “Storybook Cosmetics” for updates on the arrival of these makeup brush wands.

Let the six-week countdown begin…

[h/t: Bustle]