Hawaii Is In Need Of Teachers And Is Recruiting Them From The Mainland

Looking for a new job? Love the beach? Well, look no further than a teaching career in Hawaii. Hawaiian officials are looking to fill vacancies in their schools next year, and some of the teaching jobs are offering some nice perks (besides, you know, living in Hawaii).

To address the teacher shortage, the Hawaii Department of Education sent recruitment teams to cities in the 48 contiguous states with an attempt to lure teachers to their beautiful state. According to the Department website, special education positions are in particular demand, and the state is offering $10,000 incentives paid over three years to qualified hires. There appear to be a number of administrative roles available as well.

The shortage stems from two key issues, according to Hawaii News Now. First, the local education system can’t produce enough graduates to fill their classrooms. Secondly, while Hawaii definitely has its perks and is home to some of the happiest and healthiest people, there is a large turnover of people only staying a few years.

In fact, the Department of Education reports that 40 percent of the teachers that come to Hawaii wind up leaving within five years. This turnover is due to a few factors: a very different culture, the high cost of living and the rural location of many of its schools.

So if you’re a teacher and wanting to live on an island, this may be quite the option for you.

Editor’s Note: We have confirmed with the Hawaii State Department of Education that they are not offering bonuses of $6,000, as was previously reported, and have removed that from the article.  

H/T Mental Floss