6 (Healthy!) Potato Recipes—Because Potatoes Are Not The Enemy

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Everyone knows that butter, cream or a crunchy, deep-fried coating is a foolproof way to make a potato taste decadent. Often when you look for ways to whip up a tasty potato dish, recipes call for a whole bunch of not-so-great-for-you ingredients. But contrary to the perception that eating potatoes cause weight gain, plain baked potatoes, for example, are indeed healthy.

With a fiber-rich skin and only 160 calories, the potato is packed with vitamin B6, vitamin C and is a great source of potassium (in fact one potato provides about half the recommended daily values of all three of these). Not to mention it is cholesterol-free and low in fat. Potatoes contain fiber and protein, which keep you feeling full longer. In fact, research suggests that potatoes, for example, are better for you than pasta when it comes to satisfying an appetite.

This vegetable does have a very starchy composition, though, so don’t forget about balancing your diet with leafy greens. And if butter-laden mashed potatoes are your go-to way to eat potatoes, it’s a great idea to have some healthier recipe options at your fingertips.

For all you potato enthusiasts, here are six delicious, easy-to-make potato recipes that won’t have you regretting your food choices:

1. Salt and Vinegar Baked Potato Chips

This one is for my salt and vinegar fans. This quick recipe for baked potato chips by The Healthy Apple is ideal for when those pesky chip cravings hit. Instead of popping open a bag of greasy chips, try this gluten-, dairy-, soy-free, vegan and vegetarian recipe out. With a pinch of chili powder, these are addictive. Plus, one serving is a mere 92 calories.

The Healthy Apple

2. Skinny Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Who doesn’t like a scoop or two of decadent mashed potatoes? With this recipe by Skinny Taste, you can have your mashed potatoes without worrying about guzzling all the calories of a butter-laden side dish. Instead of your normal butter and cream, this recipe calls for light sour cream, and is only 165 calories a serving.

Skinny Taste

3. Spinach and Garlic Potato Patties

These delightful bites have a nice crunch to them and add some greens to your diet, which is never a bad thing. With garlic, Parmesan cheese and a touch of lemon juice, these patties by Diethood are perfect for dinner party appetizers. These babies are only 96 calories per serving. Serve them with a side of yogurt or light sour cream and you’re ready to go.


4. Healthy Fingerling Potato Salad

Simple, yummy and flavorful, this recipe courtesy of Eating Bird Food isn’t like most potato salads. Using a vinegar-based dressing keeps this dish light. It also incorporates sun-dried tomatoes for some texture, and shallots and some Dijon mustard for zing. At only 127 calories per serving, knock yourself out.

Eating Bird Food

5. Secretly Healthy Potato Soup

Enjoy a comforting bowl of hearty potato soup without the bloat thanks to this recipe by House of Yumm. No dairy is used in the recipe (aside from some cheese if you want to add that at the end), but it’s still gloriously creamy nonetheless! The secret? Cauliflower! Coming in at around 175 calories a bowl, it’s filled with veggies and just what you need to warm up during the winter months.

House of Yumm

6. Garlic Ranch Potatoes

Garlic and ranch are two flavors that won’t do you wrong. Put them together and you’ve got yourself an unstoppable flavor explosion on your plate. This easy recipe by Damn Delicious is roasted and amounts to just over 240 calories per serving. Take a slightly smaller serving portion to ensure you hit that 200-calorie mark with this recipe.

Damn Delicious

Indulging in fried potato foods — nacho fries, anyone? — can be a fun indulgence on occasion. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy ways to enjoy a tasty potato while still achieving your health goals.

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