Taco Bell Is Introducing Nacho Fries, So 2018 Is Off To A Good Start


If you love Taco Bell but miss the French fry experience of traditional fast food chains, today is your lucky day. Taco Bell is introducing what is sure to be your favorite food mash-up: nacho fries.

According to a press release, these sure-to-be-amazing fries will be available nationwide and will retail for only $1. Nacho fries are everything you love about fried potatoes, but topped with Mexican seasoning and accompanied by a nacho cheese dipping sauce. They’re truly nacho meets French fry, and what’s not to love about that?

Fans of French fries everywhere are pretty excited about the news.

Some are already fully prepared to ditch their New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier once these babies arrive at Taco Bell locations:

Others are excited to have another excuse to consume nacho cheese:

People are already requesting taco burgers to go with their nacho fries. What will Taco Bell dream up next?

We know that 2018 is going to be a good year for Taco Bell lovers. Not only are nacho fries set to hit menus on Jan. 25, but the Taco Bell $1 Menu was also recently expanded. It is now offering more than 20 items priced at only $1, which is an increase from the 11 items they already had available. Just when you thought Taco Bell couldn’t get any better, right?

There are still a few more weeks before the Jan. 25 launch date, so make sure you’re leaving some wiggle room in your diet for all of the French fries you’ll consume when these become available.

Lucky for your healthy eating goals, however, nacho fries will only be around for a limited time, according to CNBC. In other words, eat all the nacho fries you can and don’t feel bad about it!

If you want endless supplies of nacho fries, you’ll have to do it at home. You can make your own taco seasoning and use that to make all of your French fries have a Mexican flair. See how it’s done here:

2018 is getting better by the minute already!

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