Hello Kitty Wine Exists, And You’re Going To Want A Bottle Or Six

Adulting just got a bit easier. Know why? Because now you can have your Hello Kitty obsession and your love of wine-drinking at the same time. That’s right! Hello Kitty wine exists, and it’s just the kind of thing that’s been missing in your life.

Say you like wine, but you don’t know much about it. Well, now you don’t have to. Because Hello Kitty wine’s taken the trouble of selecting a bottle away. Whether you’re into white or red, you’ll like love these in-between rosés. There are six different wines to choose from within the collection, and not all of them are pink. But most of them are.

Torti Winery

And really, would you have it any other way? According to Refinery 29, Sanrio, the creator of the Japanese kitty, partnered with Italy’s Torti Winery to produce the six different types of wine. Each bottle not only bares the logo, but was also inspired by Hello Kitty herself.

PopSugar reports that the wine has been available for purchase in Europe and Asia for years now, but the American market is just now getting its first taste of the sweet, sweet wine. The publication reports an Italian restaurant in Santa Ana, California, called Antonello Ristorante will exclusively sell Hello Kitty Wine by the glass and the starting Oct. 6.

There’s also a website online where you can find the bottles, but it says the item is currently unavailable if you’re shopping in the U.S. or Canada. A restock of these wines is definitely worth keeping tabs on.


Depending on just how big of a Hello Kitty fan you are, it may even be worth a visit to the California restaurant. Because you can never have too much Hello Kitty-style girly fun in your life, can you?

Add this Hello Kitty wine to the list of cool wines we’ve seen hit the market as of late, including blue wine, and wine for cats and dogs.