Here’s A Great Five Minute Full Body Stretch Routine To Improve Your Flexibility

Every year I put getting more flexible on the top of my list of goals.  However, I never get around to making that goal a reality. And it shows.  Currently, I’m not even close to being able to touch my toes.  I likely put this off because I just hate stretching. There’s really no other excuse.

There are a ton of great benefits from being more flexible, including reducing back pain, better posture, and improved circulation. So, I’m no longer going to put this off and have officially started my flexibilty plan.

I did some research and found this video that walks through a simple, yet robust 5 minute plan.  It’s good for beginners which is perfect for me. So if you’re looking to get a bit more flexible, give this a shot.

Hopefully it’s helpful for you too.