Here’s A Definitive List Of Everyone’s Biggest Pet Peeves


Pet peeves: Everyone has them, but not everyone shares the same ones.

Maybe you’re the only one who notices when your friend snaps her gum for the hundredth time, or you still see kids flipping water bottles in your nightmares.

While everyone has their own individual things that push their buttons, some pet peeves are pretty universal. We can all agree that tall people who stand in front of you at a concert are the worst, right?

If you’ve ever wondered just how common your vendettas are, Ranker is here to provide a semi-definitive answer. They’ve set up a fun list that lets people vote on their biggest pet peeves, or submit new ideas if their personal kryptonite is missing from the list.

Participants can vote an entry either up or down. So, for example, you can see how many people really hate misuse of the word “literally” (2,265), versus how many people think it’s really not that big of a deal (763)

Overall, most of the chief offenders fall into categories of rudeness, poor hygiene and bad driving etiquette.

The clear winner, currently more than 1,000 up-votes ahead of #2, is “People Who Never Shut Up And Talk Over You Constantly.” Continuing the trend, the second most common pet peeve is “People Who Are Always Interrupting” (or, as we New Englanders call it, “having a normal conversation”).

The top 10 also includes charmers like messy public toilets, people who don’t cover their mouth when they sneeze, animal cruelty and the delightful “People Who Think Their Overly Annoying Children Are The Cutest Little Angels.”

One fun feature is the ability to filter results based on voters’ gender, age or region. This leads to some interesting insights about which things bothers Midwesterners or people born before the 1970s, and which ones are just universal.

Women clearly dislike interruptions and bad drivers. Their top five biggest issues are cutting in line, driving too slow in the fast lane, people who talk over others, texting and driving and people who chew with their mouths open.

Men had many of the same peeves, but in a different order. For men, the single most annoying thing in the world is dealing with slow fast-lane drivers. These terrible humans are followed by talking during a movie, cutting in line, over-talkers and telemarketers.

People under 30 seem to hate being talked over more than anything else. At the other end of the age scale, folks over 50 (apparently un-ironically) loathe slow drivers.

The West Coast Wants You To Be Quiet During Movies

Regional divides are even clearer than the differences between age or gender. The top offenders are generally similar (slow drivers, over-talkers), but each U.S. region has its own biases as well.

People living in the crowded, urban Northeast understandably loathe people who park their cars across two perfectly good spaces. Southerners, on the other hand, are far more bothered by online commenters who always find something to complain about.

The West Coast has issues with people who don’t respect personal space or talk during a movie. And, just so you know, people on the West Coast are twice as likely to be annoyed by incorrect use of “your” and “you’re” as people in other regions.

Midwesterners have lots of car issues, including slow driving, double-parking and not using turn signals. Meanwhile, the Central region struggles with people who interrupt constantly.

People in the U.S. are more concerned with slow drivers (as well as telemarketers and cutting in line). People from other countries, on the other hand, seem more worried about personal space than anything else. In fact, slow drivers didn’t even make it into the top 10 on the international list.

The best part of the whole list, though, is the fact that several of the pet peeve options involve “people who will always find something to complain about.” Apparently irony isn’t a big pet peeve for anyone involved.


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