Here’s How To Get Rid Of (And Prevent) Fruit Flies In Your Kitchen

Every summer, without fail, my kitchen gets fruit flies. I don’t know where these insidious little buggers (ha) come from — the kitchen is clean, the trash can doesn’t have anything but wrappers in it, and all of the windows are closed. Yet still, these tiny bugs find a way in … year after year, the war is waged and ends only once it gets cold enough for the fruit flies to die off in one dinosauric swoop. But this year will be different — because now I know the best way to prevent (and get rid of!) fruit flies:

How To Prevent Them

First things first — a dirty kitchen breeds bugs. Don’t leave dishes in the sink, crumbs or juice on the counter, or trash on the table. Take out the garbage frequently (if you can smell it, so can they). Even when you’re tired, you need to clean up right away, or you’ll attract the flies and then they’ll take over.

“Fruit flies have a quick gestation period,” Scot Hodges, director of professional development for technical services at Arrow Exterminators, told The Kitchn. “It only takes them 12 to 15 hours to lay eggs, then just a week for those eggs to turn into adults, so you can develop a problem really quickly.”

What would you rather do, load the dishwasher or fight through a cloud of bugs to find your refrigerator? That’s what I thought. But at the same time, if you keep your kitchen clean, they’ll have nothing to feed on, and they’ll die off quickly.

“In addition to the short gestation cycle, they have a short life cycle, only about seven days, so if you get rid of the food source, the flies will be totally gone within a week,” Hodges said.

Obviously, flies love fruit, so if you have things you can store in your fridge or freezer, do it. Keep in mind, things won’t ripen in there though … so you’ll have to pick your battles. But if you don’t mind bananas with brown skins, keep them hermetically sealed where the fruit flies can’t find them.

bananas photo
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How To Kill Them

Your best defenses have failed — fruit flies are taking over your kitchen. Now what?! Well, don’t go for the can of Raid. Trapping and killing fruit flies is easy, it just takes a little ingenuity.

Good Housekeeping recommends using a bottle of apple cider vinegar that has been partially sealed with plastic wrap to attract the fruit flies. The flies can’t resist the vinegar, and once they enter the plastic wrap, they won’t be able to leave the bottle. For this tactic, it’s best to use a mostly empty container so you don’t waste an entire bottle of vinegar.

apple cider vinegar photo
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You can also try the dish soap method, which is what we do — fill a shallow dish with water, vinegar (to attract them) and dish soap (which will drown them). You can also add a little fruit juice for extra attraction. This has been very effective in my experience, but you’ll want to change the dish daily … because ew.

Finally, you can place a chunk of extremely ripe fruit in a jar along with a little vinegar. Then, roll a piece of paper into a cone, insert it into the mouth of the jar and let the fruit flies do what they do. This was recommended by Tiffany at Nature Moms, and I can’t vouch for its efficacy (you’d think the flies would just escape from the cone!) but she swears by it.

Good luck, soldier!