Here’s How To Use A Balloon As A Spout For Spill-Free Pouring

Say goodbye to spills with this nifty trick.

If you’ve got a liquid that’s hard to pour slowly—think motor oil, detergent, olive oil, etc.—you run the risk of splishing and splashing said liquid everywhere. Until now, that is.

All you’ve got to do for spill-free pouring is hit up the party store and get yourself some balloons for a DIY spout that is both easy-to-use and won’t break the bank.

Here’s what you do: Attach the open end of the balloon to mouth of the container, then cut a small slit onto the other end. The balloon will help control the flow, unlike if you were using a funnel, where the liquid could easily spill over the top.  The balloon creates a spill-free, no-cleaning-required spout that you can remove at any time. Genius!

If you’re having a little trouble picturing how you’ll do this yourself, never fear. The video from MAD Science Hacks will break down how to create your own balloon spout at home.