Here’s What The Homes Of Disney Princesses Would Look Like Today

If you’re a Disney fan, chances are that at some point in your life, you’ve wished you were a princess (or prince!). From their beautiful costumes to their elegant castles, living in a Disney movie definitely looks amazing.

Chances are also good, however, that none of us will ever be princesses. If you want to keep fantasizing, though, interior design startup Modsy has reimagined how some of the beloved princesses would decorate their homes if they were adults living in 2019 — but not in an animated movie.

From a small cottage in the woods and a tropical paradise to an ice palace and, of course, Cinderella’s castle, take a look at how these princesses’ actual spaces might look today.


If a tropical island is your dream living space, you may want to recreate Moana’s home. Luckily, you don’t have to live on an island or by the ocean to have a tropical-inspired room. Modsy suggests bright walls, like teal, along with bohemian-inspired pieces, like tassels, clay pots or mixed wood.



Elsa from “Frozen” lives in an ice palace, so Modsy says you should consider a winter palette like blue, silver and bright white. Bringing nature inside will also help the look, like with faux hides and furs, along with acrylic and mirrored surfaces to help create an icy cool look.


Snow White

You don’t need to pick up seven dwarfs to recreate Snow White’s living space, but you will want some pieces inspired by nature, like natural wood grains. Think: Joanna Gaines and her rustic farmhouse style. Modsy also suggests mixing patterns and taking a trip to the flea market. Plus, Snow White loves animals, so anything animal-inspired is a must!



One of the most iconic things about Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” is her beautiful yellow gown, so Modsy suggests incorporating it into your room. If you can’t find a yellow sofa like they did, at least include the color as a focal point. You’ll also need a wardrobe, tea kettle and cup, candelabra and roses to complete the look. Of course, Belle also loved to read, so you’ll want a collection of books as well.



Who wouldn’t want to live in Cinderella’s castle? If it’s your favorite Disney home, you’ll want to fill your house with blue, ivory and gold. To achieve the look Modsy created, shop for velvet pieces like a blue sofa, ivory accent chairs and brass accents. Bonus points if you include some glass slippers, a tiara and a clock to reference that moment when the clock strikes midnight and the spell wears off.



While Mulan is a princess, she is also a warrior, so her living space should reflect both personas. Choose a color palette of reds, blues and neutrals to strike a balance between feminine and masculine energy. Shop for minimal furniture, including anything mid-century. You should also bring in a touch of traditional elements with a rug, tapestry or other piece of artwork.


Which room is your favorite? Will you be using some Disney inspiration for a room in your house?