Get A 10-Pound Doughnut Delivered To Your Room At This Hotel, Because Why Not?

Hotels are all about making their guests happy, and one hotel in California has figured out that a giant doughnut will make people happy. Makes sense to us!

The JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, California, features five pools, two golf courses and scenic views in the middle of the Coachella Valley. Or, you could ignore all of those features and order a 10-pound doughnut delivered to your room and slip into a blissful food coma.

OK, so this 10-pound doughnut is not actually a “doughnut” in the Krispy Kreme or Entenmann’s sense. It is actually made up of layers of “Tahitian vanilla cake, cream, and raspberry jelly” topped with a bright pink cream-based frosting and multi-colored spinkles. So it’s really more like a doughnut-shaped cake.

This delectable treat is available through the hotel’s “DoNut Disturb” package, which goes for $219 a night. It includes the doughnut/cake and a round of milkshakes delivered right to your room by a person whose actual job title is “Donut Dispatcher.”

Here’s a picture of the monster doughnut being lovingly decorated:

Once it arrives, you can split it with your friends or just take pictures of it, as at least one online publication accused millennials of doing.

Do it for the doughnut, do it for the ‘gram!

The hotel knows what a fantastic photo opportunity these oversized treats provide, so to better serve the demand, they’ve created even bigger donuts for guests to photograph, like the 40-pounder pictured below. That’s right. Forty pounds of doughnut cake.

Ordering this DoNut Distrub package comes with a $50 credit towards the spa, dining, or a round of golf — once you’re able to move after hoovering up the cake, that is.

Don’t worry, if you are feeling a little self-conscious at the pool, just bring an appropriate floatation device to help cover up your doughnut-filled midsection.

The hotel is offering this package until October 31 only — I’m assuming in the hopes of not depleting the entire West Coast of sugar. So round up your buddies and start making travel plans now if this is something you DoNut want to miss out on.

Don’t want to trek all the way to California to get your doughnut fix? Well here are some doughnut recipes you can try at home.