Peanut butter and jelly hair is the coolest new color trend

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Peanut butter and jelly is a classic sandwich option in school lunches and at kitchen tables everywhere. But we bet you never thought your favorite lunch as a kid would inspire a hot new hair trend.

Well, it’s true: Maryland stylist Megan Schipani created “PB and J” hair—and the unique look is catching on.

What Is PBJ Hair, You Ask?

PB and J hair, seen below in a photo from Schipani’s Instagram, is a balayage technique created by using a carefully-chosen mix of berry and brown hues.

It really does make you think of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, doesn’t it?

How The Hair Color Came To Be

Schipani was inspired by her client at Bescene Studioes, where she works, who wanted something a little different.

“She couldn’t have full-blown rainbow hair but was open to playing with deep reds and purples,” Schipani told Allure. “She gave me complete creative control and that made my brain go crazy.”

To get the look, Schipani gave her client’s already lightened hair a purple base at the roots (the jelly). Purples hues—along with other wild hair colors—factor large in Schipani’s Instagram feed.

From this ultraviolet (which is a wig, as it turns out)…

… to a deep blackberry purple…

…to a lighter “smoky grape” color.

She then went through and applied some variation in the purple, adding some maroon and berry shades on the entire head. The client’s original hair color served as the “peanut butter” in this unexpected hair sandwich.

If you’re interested in getting this style for yourself, expect to spend about an hour and a half at the salon. Schipani says people with any hair type can achieve this color combo, but some hair colors may require more labor for the transformation.

“Depending on your natural color, you might have to lighten it to a level 7 in order for all of the shades to show up,” Schipani told Allure. “I do think that the purple and maroon appear brighter on hair that has been pre-lightened so as long as you are willing to do that, then you can definitely have PB and J hair.”

If you want your stylist to give you PB and J hair, bring some of Schipani’s Instagram photos for inspiration. She has variations on these subtle pops of color…

… along with color that’ll definitely get you noticed, like this pretty rainbow look.

“It is always a huge help for a stylist to have visuals since we are pretty visual to begin with,” Schipani told Allure. “Then, we, as experts, can formulate a plan to give clients the look they want to achieve.”

The look should fade nicely, as well, which is a bonus if you don’t have a lot of time or money to maintain high-intensity hair color.

PB and J hair is the latest in the food- and drink-inspired hair color trends, but it’s not the first. People have also been asking stylists for “mulled wine hair” and “pumpkin spice hair.”

Something about PB and J hair takes it up a notch, though— we’re betting this gorgeous new hair color will be taking Instagram by storm in a matter of weeks.

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