This mulled wine hair color trend is perfect for the holiday season


You’ve heard of smoky lilac hair, galaxy hair and — yes — even pumpkin spice hair, but when it comes to hair trends, some are easier to take part in than others. And now that “mulled wine” hair is all the rage, you may find yourself hopping on board the hair dye trend train this season.

PopSugar first noticed the red styles taking over Instagram. As the site points out, these dyed hairstyles aren’t the average, red-colored ‘dos they’d seen before. They are deeper in color and multi-dimensional — much like the flavors in your favorite vino. We think these deep red hues couldn’t be more fitting for the winter months, especially since mulled wine will also be your beverage of choice. Hair that matches what’s in your mug? We can get behind that.

With layers of violet, blue and true red used to create this look, it’s anything but boring. Take a peek for yourself. This layered look from @evvemi is so vibrant:

And check out the various hues buried deep in these wavy locks posted to Instagram by Blanc Quigley Hair Salon:

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As you can see, you can choose to go with all-over color, or you can opt for more of an ombre or highlighted effect. How you choose to embrace the trend is entirely up to you!

Based on the reactions online, plenty of people are falling in love with the idea of mulled wine strands. Twitter user @_GenXChick77_ called this hairstyle “so pretty.”

Others, like @Just4FunCamp, are happy to see such a pretty red color in style:

And of course, some people, like Twitter user @LiannT, are considering the look for themselves:

And, really, if you’ve been thinking about dying your hair darker for the winter season, this gives you the perfect excuse — especially if you’re looking for a major change.

It’s easy to find the shade of red that will suit your skin tone, too. So this hairstyle is certainly one that can work for anyone. Whether you choose to dye from root to tip or to just add a few wine-colored highlights, there’s no going wrong with winter’s biggest hair trend.

If you have experience doing this yourself, you can even try out an ombre version of the mulled wine hair at home. Check out this tutorial from YouTube user Beautymarqued:

Salon visit or at-home styling is really up to you and your skill set, but either way, make sure you relax and unwind with a mug full of mulled wine once the process is done. That’s the best way to really soak in the season if you ask us. Let’s raise our mugs to winter and this latest hair trend! Cheers!

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