How to make boozy watermelon ice pops

I remember that, when I was growing up, I made ice pops to stay cool and enjoy a sweet treat during the long summer days. But who says kids should have all the fun? We found a recipe for a grown-up version of these refreshing, fruity treats thanks to the website Muy Delish. You have to try these Boozy Watermelon Popsicles!

First of all, these paletas (the Spanish word for popsicles) look almost too good to eat, like fresh watermelon on a stick.

But this recipe contains another surprise — it incorporates your favorite type of booze!

Muy Delish

What I like most about recipes like these Boozy Watermelon Popsicles is their simplicity. After all, who wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen on a hot summer’s day?

This recipe has only four ingredients: fresh watermelon, sugar, lime juice and your alcoholic drink of choice. Food blogger Ana Frias writes that she likes to use tequila in this recipe, but she urges readers to use rum, vodka or any other favorite.

To make the ice pops, you just need to cut up the watermelon, throw the pieces into your blender to get it to a nice, smooth, pureed consistency and add the other ingredients.

Muy Delish

You’ll also need to pick up some ice pop molds in which to freeze your fruit juice cocktail mixture. You can go with the traditional shape, as shown in the original recipe.

Or you can choose something a little more fun to get the party going, like these watermelon-shaped molds that can be found on Amazon:


And don’t forget the sticks for those ice pops! While some molds come with reusable sticks (like the ones pictured above), others require you to purchase your own Popsicle sticks.

In the end, we think the hardest part of making these boozy watermelon ice pops is waiting for them to freeze. You should leave them in the freezer to set for at least three hours before removing them from their molds. After that, enjoy your frozen fiesta!


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