Champagne Jell-O shots are a fun and easy treat to bring to a holiday party

Champagne Jell-O shots with sparkles
Feast and West

After a year like 2021, we all need to toast to a healthy, happy 2022. And what better way than with these Champagne Jell-O shots?

Topped with a shimmering sprinkle of sanding sugar, these are so elegant and sophisticated that you won’t look at Jell-O shots the same way again. Made with sparkling cider, sparkling wine (or Champagne) and vodka, these delicious shots from blogger Susannah at Feast + West are as potent as they are pretty.

Feast and West

You can get creative with your ingredients to customize the flavor profile to suit your personal tastes. For example, you can use vanilla-infused vodka instead of plain vodka, or you can use sparkling lemonade instead of sparkling cider. And by using plain gelatin instead of traditional red or green hues, you can ensure that your Jell-O shots look clear, sophisticated and sparkly.

Sanding sugars that are gold and silver (like these shimmering crystals on Amazon) are the perfect complement for New Year’s Eve decor. But, if you’re making them for a holiday party, you could also top them with red and green. To get a bubbly effect in your Jell-O shots, you put the sanding sugars at the bottom of the shot glass before you pour the liquid in, so it swirls around evenly as it sets. Then, right before the Jell-O shots are fully gelled, you can also dust a light sprinkling on top for extra glam.


If you don’t have enough shot glasses to make enough servings for everyone at your party, don’t worry: You can also use mini muffin tins or even candy molds. Just make sure your mold is deep enough. Dome-shaped molds you would use for truffles would work well here.

Find the full recipe on Feast + West.

If you want to make these Jell-O shots non-alcoholic, you can easily do so. But beware that you will still need to substitute for the missing liquid added by the vodka and sparkling wine. You can use plain apple juice, white grape juice (sparkling or flat) or whatever juice you prefer.


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