How to order chocolate-covered strawberries drink from Starbucks’ secret menu

Chocolate-covered strawberries are often reserved for Valentine’s Day. But this Starbucks secret menu offering that mimics those flavors by topping chocolatey cold brew with strawberry foam is too sweet and pretty to limit it to a particular holiday. In fact, a chocolate-strawberry cold brew sounds like the perfect summer drink. Or the perfect drink for any season, really.

Since this beverage is not actually on any of the coffee house chain’s menus, it doesn’t have an official name. On social media, however, enthusiasts of the drink have called it by a handful of nicknames, from the Chocolate Strawberry Cloud Cold Brew to the Strawberry Cold Foam to the Valentine’s Day Special — it was a hit for the holiday. But you can order this chocolate-strawberry decadence any time you like, if you know how.

And look at how pretty it is! @kawaiibambiii summed it up nicely in her Instagram caption: “Piiiink cold foam and taste like chocolate-covered strawberries”:

For Instagrammer @naniberi, the chocolate-strawberry drink was her first order from the secret menu, and she seems to be a fan:

How To Request The Starbucks Secret Menu Beverage

While it’s possible that a savvy barista might now just what you mean if you ask for “that chocolate-strawberry drink everybody is talking about,” you could end up with a blank stare or, worse, a subpar coffee drink that’s nothing like you had in mind.

To make sure they make this dessert-like cold brew beverage properly, it’s safer if you order it from scratch.

Thanks to @sishoodofthetravelingfork, we have the “recipe” for this adorable concoction, which she shared step-by-step in this Valentine’s Day Instagram post.

“I DRINK and tell 😉 Here’s how to score this secret @starbucks Valentine’s drink that tastes exactly like chocolate-covered strawberries,” she writes.
“1. Ask for a cold brew (any size)
“2. Ask for the cold foam to be made with strawberry purée
“3. Add 1 pump of white mocha and 1 pump of raspberry (add more if you get a venti)
“4. Top with chocolate curls”

Who knows? Maybe if enough customers order this sweet treat, it will become part of the menu. Until then, you can enjoy this somewhat-secret, decidedly delectable drink whenever the mood strikes.

Will you try this delicious drink?

[h/t: PopSugar]


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