How to make bakery-quality cheese danish at home

Is there anything better on a chilly morning than a flaky, delicious danish fresh from the oven? Cheese danish is one of those indulgent treats that seems like it would require hours of labor to achieve (or a trip to a French patisserie). I’m happy to report, however, that if you have a couple of tubes of Pillsbury crescent dough on hand, you can easily make your own cheese danish at home!

This cream cheese danish recipe from Cakescottage was a breeze to make. Twisting the dough was the trickiest part for me, but the danish still tasted divine even with my wonky twisting skills!

The cream cheese and sour cream in this recipe make for a rich, tangy flavor and the sugar drizzle adds a pretty touch at the end. I filled a few of the danish with blueberry preserves and my kids adored them! It’s definitely a recipe to pull out on those lazy snow days ahead.

Speaking of fruit, here are some other cheese danish options that will knock your socks off!

Cream Cheese Danish With Fruit

These elegant little danish from Dinner at the Zoo are made with sheets of frozen puff pastry rather than refrigerated crescent dough. Puff pastry is one of those ingredients that sounds fancy and difficult, but is actually simple to work with. Topped with a spoonful of the pie filling of your choice, the final results are these beautiful, flaky danish that look like they belong in a bakery window!

Dinner at the Zoo

Christmas Tree Cream Cheese Danish

If you need to bring something to a holiday brunch or just want a pretty centerpiece for Christmas morning that doesn’t take hours to prepare, this recipe from Walking on Sunshine fits the bill. The recipe calls for cherry pie filling, but you could alternate fruit flavors for a “decorated” Christmas tree look. I’m tempted to sub in my favorite homemade cranberry sauce for some extra-festive flair!

Walking on Sunshine