Husband’s Cute Post About Being Tagged On Social Media Goes Viral

Warning: Some curse words are in the post below!

There’s no question that social media has made a big impact on the way we communicate. From weighing in on comment threads about the day’s news to keeping in touch with old friends by “liking” photos of their children, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like have given us a whole new way to relate to our loved ones.

One common practice is to tag people in the comments of links, posts and memes on social media as a way to bring something to their attention.

Sometimes, we tag to share a laugh about something that’s oh-so-relatable, like when you tag your perpetually-tardy friend in a funny meme about people who are always late.

Other times it’s to let someone know about something that may be of interest to them, like when you tag your mom in the post of an article on a topic you were just talking about. And other times, you just come across something on social media that is so perfect that you have to share, like when someone tweets a joke about relationships that’s hilariously true.

Over the summer on the popular Facebook page @DaDMuM, husband and father Brad Kearn posted about how his wife constantly tags him in various memes, posts and events throughout the day.

Kearn explains that while at first he didn’t really get why she was doing this and even found it annoying, he’s now totally on board with the practice.

“I used to find it annoying. I didn’t really know why half of it was relevant. But over time I’ve learned that she tags me in sh** because it’s either funny, insightful or relevant to our relationship. Sometimes it helps her tell me something because it’s so relevant and she couldn’t have said it better herself. I try to make a point of acknowledging it. It doesn’t take any effort at all,” he wrote.

Kearn goes on to say that the tagging has even changed how they communicate in person, as his wife might come home and ask if he’s seen something she tagged him in, and then they go on to have a conversation about that topic.

He encourages other men to take a few moments to actually look at what their wives have tagged them in, because “if she tagged you in it, she wants you to look at it.”

He concludes by saying that taking the small amount of time to read whatever silly (or serious) thing your partner has tagged you in, you’re actually showing them that you care what they have to say: “Show her you love her. Let her know you care. Read the f***ing post!”

Ironically, Kearn’s post itself has gone viral, with thousands of people tagging their partners in his post .

“I tagged my partner in your post last night, he said ‘oh it’s long’ but read the whole thing and we spoke about it for ages after!” read one comment.

“Hahaha! Spot on! Hubby and I always tag each other in stuff! It’s the online ‘post-it’ of today! We always chat about them later or laugh about them together. And it’s an awesome way to put hints in for gifts etc too….. sneaky but effective,” read another.

What do you think? Do you tag your partner on social media as a way to communicate?



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