If you love succulents, you’ll definitely want a micro-cactus

Succulents have been a popular home decorating fad in recent years, and the adorable plants have even been a bit of a trend on Instagram. And now these succulents have become about a million times more adorable thanks to the new micro-cacti, which are quickly gaining in popularity.

Micro-cacti — and tiny succulents in general — have likely become popular thanks in part to minimalist home decor trends. After all, nothing says “less is more” quite like a teeny-tiny cactus.


And this trend is accessible and affordable for everyone. Unlike other plants, which can be costly and difficult to maintain, micro-cacti don’t break the bank… and they don’t require too much of a green thumb.

In other words, if you’re someone who is a little bit forgetful, or who has way too many things on your to-do list, then micro-cacti might just be the right choice for you. Generally speaking, they only need to watered about once a week. Just remember: Just because cacti and other succulents can survive dry conditions, they only thrive when they are appropriately cared for. An under-watered succulent (or “water-stressed” succulent, as they say in the plant business) will have poor color and appear dull and lifeless.

With this caveat out of the way, however, micro-cacti make for perfect gifts, especially for summer weddings and other events. Sending your guests home with a tiny, adorable plant is so much sweeter than giving them a bag of candy or a plastic item that will put unneeded strain on the environment. Tiny cacti will make your guests smile, and will make your event extra memorable.

And having them in your own home will undoubtedly make you smile, too.

There are plenty of super adorable options out there. Like this colorful mini cactus and mini planter from Etsy seller TierraSolStudio, who has a ton of options in her online shop:


Or this set of assorted micro cacti from World Market:

World Market

Home Depot is always a good source of cacti and other succulents:

Home Depot

There’s even an online shop devoted entirely to micro-cacti, called the Micro Plant Studio. Look at this little fella:

Micro Plant Studio

Of course, if you’re still afraid that you won’t even be able to keep a cactus alive, you can always get the hand-knit version. How adorable is this?!


What do you think? Will you be filling your home with these tiny, sweet succulents?