Indiana Mom Gives Birth To 16-Pound Baby Boy

One very happy couple just welcomed a new baby boy into their family, but they were shocked when the doctor announced the newborn’s weight: 16 pounds! Yep, you read that right. Sixteen pounds. Most newborns weigh around 7 to 8 pounds, so this cuddly guy is actually double the size of average infant.

The proud mama, Whitney Hallett, was aware that her son was going to be on the larger side, but neither she nor her husband, Edmond, were expecting a 16-pounder!

“We ended up weighing him three times because no one could believe he actually weighed 16 pounds,” Edmond tells US Weekly. “At first I thought maybe the scale was broken.”

As happy as the new parents were, they also had an issue on their hands: None of their newborn outfits would fit their (big) little guy. So, Edmond had to dash out and buy 6-to-9-month-sized outfits for his son, who they named Waylon Cole. (Love that name!)

While their big bouncing boy brought a smile to their faces, the reason for his large size is actually quite serious. Whitney suffered from gestational diabetes, a condition that affects about 18 percent of pregnant women. Gestational diabetes causes high blood sugar, which can impact both a mother’s health and her unborn baby’s health. Women with this condition have to carefully monitor their blood sugar each day as well as eat a healthy diet. In some cases, medication is also required.


In Whitney’s case, her big boy did have some breathing issues and feeding problems, which required him to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the hospital for seven weeks, but he is now happily at home with his parents and three older sisters.

They say he’s a happy, easygoing guy who loves to smile and sleep a lot… sounds like a dream baby! Not to mention, who doesn’t love cuddling squishy baby thighs? Love those baby rolls!

In Good Company

Waylon’s not the only baby to have been born larger than average as of late.

One Florida couple was shocked recently to meet their 13.5-pound newborn daughter.

The parents had no idea that their daughter was going to be so large, and they say that the staff performing the C-section couldn’t believe their eyes. The proud daddy says, “I remember the doctor saying, ‘I don’t think this baby is going to end. Are there two of them?’”

“It looked they pulled a toddler out of my belly. She’s so big,” mom, Chrissy Corbitt, told ABC News.

The baby girl, named Carleigh, was so large that she, too, was already wearing 9-month-old clothes and needed size 3 diapers!

Back in April 2017, another big baby made the news. While the baby was nearly 14 pounds, it was his mom’s method of delivery that really drew some attention.

Natashia Corrigan gave birth to a healthy 13.5-pound baby boy without an epidural. Yes, you read that correctly. Baby Brian weighed twice that of an average baby and his mom birthed him au naturel.

The brave and powerful mom of four was aided by nothing but a bit of laughing gas, a supportive partner and the power of positive thinking. She told Herald Sun that because he was so big it was a bit hard to get him out. But the staff remained calm and pulled in a few extra staff members to help.

And look at her! She’s still smiling.

Genetics are believed to play a role in a baby’s birth weight, along with other factors such as birth order (first babies tend to weigh more than subsequent babies).

However, babies who weigh more at birth do have an increased risk of obesity later in life, so doctors have been cautioning women about excess weight gain during pregnancy.

Regardless, can we all just admit that chubby babies have it going on? Squishy baby thighs are just the best!

Congrats to all these new parents and their amply sized bundles of joy!