A look inside Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe’s marriage

Actor Sterling K. Brown has become a household name in the past few years thanks to his work in high-profile projects like “This Is Us,” “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” and “Black Panther.”

But to hear the 41-year-old star talk about his 10-year marriage to fellow actor Ryan Michelle Bathe, you realize he’s also been lucky in love for a long time.

Listed below are seven things you might not have known about this adorable couple.


1. They Met In College

Both Bathe and Brown were in the same year at Stanford, and even lived in the same dorm as freshmen, according to The Stanford Daily! They were also friends who performed in campus productions together before they started dating.

When they got to know each other at college they discovered they were both from St. Louis, Missouri, and had even been born at the same hospital. Small world! The pair went on to grad school together at New York University.

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2. She Was Hard To Get

According to what Brown told “The Talk,” he and Bathe “dated off and on” for a while before breaking up for more than three years at one point. When Brown decided to finally try to win her back, he did things including chasing after her while she was jogging so he could convince her she was the love his life.


3. They Have Two Cute Kids

Like his character, Randall Pearson, from NBC’s “This Is Us,” Brown has two kids with his college-sweetheart wife. But, instead of two girls, they have two boys: 6-year-old Andrew and 2-year-old Amare. Bathe and Brown have shared cute stories about their sons, like how Andrew wants to be a scientist and has quite a personality. Just check out his moves below in a video Brown shared on Instagram!


4. She Gave Birth At Home

According to Brown, when Andrew came, Bathe had such a quick labor that she ended up just giving birth at home, with him helping her deliver their son. They told the story on the red carpet at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards and it’s pretty hilarious.

5. They Both Love Their Jobs

Brown may be the breakout star of “This Is Us,” but Bathe also has had a recurring role on the hit show. In the first season, she played Yvette, a black woman who first appeared in a memorable flashback scene at the public pool, advising Randall’s adoptive mother Rebecca on how to properly take care of his hair.

That wasn’t the first time the couple appeared onscreen together. Brown played the only male military spouse among the main cast of Lifetime’s “Army Wives.” And, in the show’s sixth season, Bathe played the partner of an active duty soldier. They also appeared together in an episode of “Harry’s Law.” However, the two apparently avoid rehearsing together, as they’ve told E!.

“We’ve learned that there are certain minefields and pitfalls in our relationship that, like a slalom, we just move right on past them,” Bathe told the network in 2017. “And rehearsing together is one of those things.”

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6. They Laugh A Lot

Brown told Essence that a key to their marriage is that he and Bathe “crack each other up constantly!” Brown is apparently a pretty funny guy when he’s not making us cry … which is basically all the time.


7. They Surround Themselves With Support

Brown told ABC News that its key for his marriage that they have a community of people around them that supports he and Bathe. “One thing that I’ve learned for any relationship to be successful is the people who are part of your life, they have to champion your union,” he said. “Not just you, not just her. They have to champion y’all.”

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8. They Clearly Admire One Another

Brown says the sweetest things about Bathe in his award acceptance speeches. For example, at the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards, he gave a speech where he said, “I love actors so much, I decided to marry one. Ryan Michelle Bathe, you’re the best scene partner a brother’s ever had.”

And when he was loudly played off the stage at the 2017 Emmys before finishing his speech, he made sure he thanked Bathe backstage.

And Bathe seems like she couldn’t be prouder of Brown’s accomplishments.


So put Bathe and Brown up there with celebrity couples who make marriage look pretty darn good.