Jack and Coke popsicles are boozy popsicles for adults

Boulder Locavore

While I’m not one for turning down any sweet treats, I really can’t help myself when it comes to popsicles — specifically, the kind I can make in my own kitchen. While I usually try to keep them healthy, it gets pretty hard to resist “adulting” them up a bit. Sure, a cocktail is nice at the end of a long day, but a frozen one? Seriously, I’m in.

First thing’s first, you’re going to need popsicle molds and wooden sticks if your molds don’t include a top. A quick search on Amazon brings up all the molds your popsicle-loving heart desires.

This handy set of six molds sells for $8.99 on Amazon, and includes a silicone funnel and cleaning brush:


Or mix it up, and whip up a batch of freeze-pop style popsicles using these BPA-free molds. They are available on Amazon for $23.74 for a set of 10:


Once you’ve got your preferred popsicle molds, you’re ready to start mixing and freezing!

Diving right in, let’s start with a classic: Jack and Coke. This recipe comes from Boulder Locavore, and it seriously could not be easier.


All you need is, you guessed it, some Jack Daniels Whiskey and some good ol’ Coca Cola. (The recipe actually calls for Mexican Coke, but you could use the U.S. version if you prefer!)

mexican coke photo
Flickr | JeepersMedia

Either way, just make sure the Coke is flat, which you can do by pouring it into a bowl and letting it sit until there is no more carbonation. Then, follow these three easy steps:

1. Pour 1/2 ounce of Jack Daniels into each popsicle mold. Pour two ounces of the flattened Coke into the mold and stir. (Mixing the Jack and coke in a blender would give you a frothier result more along the lines of a Fudgesicle, if you’re looking to create that type of texture.)

2. Cover and insert wooden sticks (or the stick on your popsicle molds). If your molds do not have a cover, try adding a top layer of foil to keep the sticks in place.

3. Freeze for a few hours or overnight. The popsicles may stick a bit, so just run some hot water on the outside of the mold to get the pop right out.

Read the full Jack and Coke popsicle recipe and get tips for making perfect boozy pops from Boulder Locavore, a top-notch food blog that also has a ton of other great recipes.

Not into whiskey? No problem! There are tons of other adult-friendly popsicle recipes all over the internet.

How about vodka and gummy bears? Here’s a fun recipe from A Spicy Perspective.

A Spicy Perspective

If you prefer a creamier popsicle, you will love these spiced rum horchata pops. They’re dairy-free and seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla.

Get the recipe from The Speckled Palate.

The Speckled Palate

What about something a little lighter? Nothing could possibly be more fun and festive than champagne popsicles.

This recipe from Cooking With Janica uses champagne, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and edible flowers to make frozen treats that are as beautiful as they are tasty.

Cooking With Janica

There are, in fact, so many different boozy popsicle recipes, you could easily try a new one each week. Go ahead, we won’t tell!

These red-white-and-blue popsicles would be perfect for Memorial Day or the 4th of July:


Will you by trying one of these boozy popsicles this summer?

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