Jason Momoa Shaved Off His Beard And He’s Almost Unrecognizable

It’s the end of an era.

Since 2012, Jason Momoa‘s star has risen along with the length of his facial hair (which he’s sported proudly for all of his most well-known roles). But on Wednesday, the “Game of Thrones” and “Aquaman” star posted a video of himself shaving off his considerable beard.

“Goodbye, Drogo,” Momoa shouts as he tosses a chunk of beard to the wind. “Goodbye, Arthur Curry,” he says to another handful, referencing Aquaman’s human identity.

Jason Momoa photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

In the YouTube clip below, Momoa stands in a dusty desert landscape as he shaves with an electric razor. An unnamed pal, also bearded, shaves alongside him. While he shaves, the actor mentions that he’s doing the shaving stunt to bring attention to “infinitely recyclable” aluminum.

“Plastics are killing our planet,” he says. “About 75 percent of all aluminum that’s ever been used is still in circulation today. And it’s 100 percent recyclable, so you drink the can and in about 60 days, it’ll be back.”

Jason Momoa photo
Getty Images | Tristan Fewings

Momoa also shows off a series of canned waters and takes a hearty sip for the camera.

“There’s a change coming — it’s aluminum,” he says. “We’ve got to get rid of these plastic water bottles.’

There’s a shorter version of the video on Momoa’s Instagram account at @prideofgypsies that tags Ball Corporation, an aluminum manufacturer.

Jason Momoa photo
Getty Images | Kevin Winter

Since it went up, the Instagram clip has racked up an astounding 2.6 million plays. The longer version of the video also has well over 3.6 million views and 62,000 likes at press time.

Fans’ reactions are mixed. Twitter user @J4CKMULL jokingly blamed all of us for the loss of Momoa’s beard:

Meanwhile, @hannahxtait says she is in mourning for all that lovely facial hair:

And @kay_l3ighx is straight-up getting confrontational about her opinion that he looks better sans beard:

@GeorgeJFox offers full support of Momoa’s cause:

@CopyDan’s over here making jokes, saying that Momoa sans beard looks like comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

Obviously, this change in Momoa’s look is creating quite a stir. This is on a level with Chris Pratt losing all his beer weight or Emma Watson ditching Hermione’s ‘do for a perfect pixie. Remember this amazing haircut?

Emma Watson 2010 photo
Getty Images | Stephen Lovekin

Personally, I approve. I have a soft spot for Momoa — we grew up in Iowa at the same time — so I think he looks great with or without the facial hair.

91st Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
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Here’s the full video of Momoa getting rid of his facial hair

Since sharing the video, Momoa has also given fans another look at his newly shaved face, this time in a picture with Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.


The photo has also garnered plenty of comments, with one user writing, “You look soooo innocent with your beard shaved,” and another chiming in to say, “Literally the only man in the world who looks just as handsome clean-shaven.”

What do you think? Do you like the full Aquaman look or the baby-faced Momoa mug?