6 Family Traditions Joanna And Chip Gaines Swear By

Part of what makes Chip and Joanna Gaines so lovable is their adorable family. Sure, fans appreciate their design style, but it’s their cute banter and even cuter kids that keep fans tuning in for each and every episode of “Fixer Upper.”

We imagine it’s not easy to juggle four kids (Drake, Duke, Ella and Emmie, plus another on the way) and all of their business endeavors, but somehow, the Gaineses make it work. They’re likely able to stay such a tight-knit group because they have strong values and family traditions that they always maintain.

Read up on six Gaines family traditions, and take a lesson from their playbook because we can always use more tips on how to bring our families a little closer.

1. Always Make Time For Family

If you’re an avid “Fixer Upper” watcher, you know that even when Joanna is down to the wire finishing the last of the design elements on a house, she never goes a night without seeing her kids. Chip will bring them over to see their mom and help out a little, and that’s because this clan always makes time for family.

“Family is the most important thing in the world,” Joanna told People magazine.


2. Laughter Is Key

Chip and Joanna are constantly laughing and joking together on the episodes of “Fixer Upper,” and considering they post about their kids being silly on Instagram, it’s clear that this light-hearted attitude continues when the cameras are off, too.


3. Meal Time Matters

Not only do the Gaineses now own a restaurant, but they’ve also released a cookbook. In a post on the Magnolia blog Joanna wrote, “For me, the cookbook is a celebration of bringing people together, because I think there’s nothing better than gathering around a table with family and friends for a good meal.”


4. The Value Of Hard Work

From letting the kids help out with home renovation projects to teaching them to work in the garden, the Gaineses are showing their kids that there’s value in hard work. For Joanna and her daughters, gardening is a great example that your work yields results. Plus, it also allows them to spend some quality time together.

“Gardens are a lot of work, but there’s just something about being in the garden that’s so refreshing,” Joanna told People. “I love teaching the girls about what all goes into gardening, but I would say my favorite part about it is just getting to spend some time with them.”


5. Show Love

Whether Chip’s shaving his head for a cause or the couple is bringing business opportunities to Waco, this family makes an effort to give back and promote love and kindness.


6. Count Your Blessings

The Gaines family is great at taking time to celebrate the little things and revel in all they’ve accomplished. They really seem to appreciate the life they have created together. Most recently, Joanna posted about being 40 years old and pregnant.

“This is 40,” she wrote. “And I like it.”


So, take a note from the Gaines family and take the time to appreciate what you have, because really, we all have so much to be grateful for!