Jordin Sparks Mourns The Loss Of Her Dog On Instagram

“American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks recently announced a marriage and a pregnancy. While she may have been able to keep her relationship with her husband under wraps, there is one companion in her life she’s been very open about: her adorable little dog, Miles.

Sadly, Miles passed away over the weekend, and the singer posted a touching message on Instagram about the loss of her furry best friend on Instagram.

“We had to put my favorite boy, Miles, down today. My heart is absolutely broken. He’s been a constant companion and source of unconditional love for the past 8 years,” Sparks wrote.

The singer admitted that the “sadness comes in waves and it’s overwhelmingly crushing.” She asked her fans to pray for her and her family but ended the message with a sweet, hopeful note to her dog:

“I can’t wait to see you again…I’ll have your ball.”

Fans sent their condolences online, as this is something anyone who has lost a pet can understand.

“I’m so saddened. It’s such a rough experience through which so many of us have gone. The memories of a pet stay with us forever. They are truly and unconditionally our best friends,” one person commented on Instagram.

While losing a pet is terribly sad, there are plenty of things for Sparks to be excited about. Last month, the singer revealed that she and her husband, model Dana Isaiah, are expecting a baby boy!

Sparks isn’t the only celebrity to share about the pain that goes along with losing a pet. This summer, actress Jessica Alba also shared on Instagram about losing two dogs within two weeks.

“It’s been a rough two weeks. Will cherish our last night cuddling forever,” Alba wrote on Instagram.

It’s remembering those sweet moments together that help get you through the rough times like these.

With much more excitement on the horizon, Sparks and her husband have a lot of happy times to look forward to. We’re wishing all the best to their family!