Kaia Gerber’s yearbook photo looks just like mom Cindy Crawford’s from the ’80s

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Supermodel Cindy Crawford clearly passed on her stunning good looks to her 16-year-old daughter, Kaia Gerber. And that’s not all: Kaia is following in her legendary mom’s footsteps, having strutted down her first runway at New York Fashion Week in September 2017.

Now, Crawford has taken to Instagram to show just how strong the resemblance is between her and her daughter. Crawford shared a snap of her own high school yearbook photo alongside her daughter’s—and the similarities will make you do a double take:


Wow! The resemblance is pretty uncanny. They look like twins who were somehow born 35 years apart. Crawford’s followers were pretty struck by similarities between the two as well.

“Definitely your mini me!” read one comment.

“So much alike and both so beautiful!” said another.

Kaia is lucky that she can rely on the wisdom of her mom, whose vast experience in the fashion industry can guide her as she navigates this often-difficult world. Here’s what Crawford told People back in October, speaking about her daughter’s first foray into the industry:

“I think when you’re in the middle of this, you don’t really have perspective, and she loved meeting so many designers and other young models her age. She’s kind of finding her own people in that world, which I want for her because I know that’s what made me enjoy it, was the people. It’s a fun job, but when you’re traveling or whatever it’s fun if you are friends with other people you’re working with.”

And Kaia seems proud of her legacy in the modeling world. On Mother’s Day in 2016, she shared a throwback photo of her beautiful mom, and called Crawford her “best friend.”


Back in August, Kaia shared another photo, in which she and her mom are embracing. You can see the resemblance here as well. “can u tell we’re related?” Kaia captioned the photo.


That is one gorgeous mother-daughter pair!

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