Why Kathy Griffin Is Bald Now

Comedian Kathy Griffin was devastated in 2014 when she lost her brother John to stage-four esophageal cancer.

Now, she is dealing with another bit of sad news: Her beloved sister, Joyce, is dealing with her own cancer battle. The news came to light when images of Kathy Griffin went viral July 31 for one shocking reason… she was missing her trademark red hair.

It is reported that the funny woman shaved her head in solidarity with her big sister. Her mom Maggie (who often makes appearances in Kathy’s comedic bits) re-tweeted pictures of Kathy’s new look, as well as hinting that she had a very special reason for going bald.


The original photos of Kathy’s shaved head came from Yashar Ali, a New York-based journalist. Although no further details have been given at this time about her sister’s diagnosis, his tweet suggests that she did indeed “go bald” to be a supportive sister:

And Twitter heartily approves of her bold and selfless gesture.


Thus far, the funny woman has been mum on her social media accounts about her decision to shave off her gorgeous locks. As most people know, Griffin has been dealing with plenty of her own stress lately.

In fact, her last tweet on July 28 was about her now infamous Donald Trump photo:

The graphic picture showed Griffin holding a fake decapitated head that was meant to represent President Donald Trump. Many Americans were outraged, and some even called for Griffin’s arrest.

Kathy Griffin during a press conference about the President Trump photos. Image: Getty/Frederick M. Brown

While she is not facing any charges, not everyone is ready to forgive and forget.



Whatever your opinion is of Kathy Griffin’s humor (and her political opinions), one thing is for sure: Cancer sucks.

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And anyone who is willing to shave his or her own head in support of their sister is at least doing one thing right.

And, for what it’s worth, I think Griffin rocks that bald look like no other! And no doubt she can grow her signature head of red hair back in due time.

kathy griffin photo
Getty Images | Dimitrios Kambouris