These Babies Can’t Stop Hugging Each Other, And It’s Absolutely Adorable

Love makes the world go ’round, and these babies know it. They can’t seem to stop hugging each other, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. These four sisters — who are actually quadruplets — aren’t strangers to the internet. If you follow the Webb family on Facebook, you’ve been able to watch these little girls grow up, and they couldn’t be more adorable. The recent video of the love fest has gone viral on Facebook, having been viewed over 55 million times, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s most certainly worth a watch.

Abigail, Emily, Grace and McKayla were born in Alberta, Canada in 2016. The identical quadruplets were conceived naturally, without the use of any fertility drugs. According to Global News, the couple were told by a nurse that the odds of having natural quadruplets are one in 67 million.

The girls are growing up quickly. But they’re not too grown to accept hugs — and plenty of them.

In the video, you see the sisters exchange hugs multiple times as they listen to the “Moana” soundtrack. Because who doesn’t love a good hug session and Disney movie combo, after all?

These sisters don’t mind sharing hugs, but that probably has something to do with their special bond.

“They definitely miss each other when they’re apart from their sisters,” their mom, Bethani Webb told shortly after the girls were born. They didn’t even like having to be separated to be in their own incubators at the hospital.

“Right now, they’re all in one crib, which is nice. Before, they were in their incubators, they were all separate and they definitely had some separation anxiety,” she said back when her daughters were born.

Good thing they’ll grow up together and give as many hugs as they want now!

Clearly, these babies can’t get enough hugs, and the internet can’t get enough of this video! They keep re-posting it online:

We’re convinced that sending this video to someone is like sending a hug virtually, so if you know someone who could use a hug on this Monday morning, you know what to do!

For even more cute videos of these sisters, keep up with the Webb Quad Squad on Facebook.


Twin Sisters Delivered Their Babies On The Same Day

Twins have this uncanny way of sharing things throughout their lives. Fraternal twin sisters, Danielle Grant and Kim Abraham, took sharing to a whole new level when they delivered their new babies on the same day!

A Total Coincidence To Start

The sisters did not intend to start their families at the same time. Fate just seemed to decide for the pair.

“Total coincidence,” Grant told her local New Jersey paper, the Asbury Park Press. “We both wanted babies, but we didn’t think we would get pregnant the same time. This was not planned.”

That didn’t mean the news shocked them when they found out.

“We laughed because we always thought it would happen, and then it actually did,” said Grant. “It’s really cool.”

As their pregnancies progressed, both Grant and Abraham discovered the similarities would just keep coming. At their co-gender reveal party, the sisters happily discovered they would both have boys.

When it came to the actual delivery day, though, the sisters stepped in to make sure the perfect ending would happen, if at all possible.

Moms Give Sons Same Birthday

Even though both moms-to-be had the same due date—April 22—their sons decided to take their time. Ultimately, Grant and Abraham decided they wanted their sons to share the same birthday. So, when they had to pick an induction date, of course they settled on the same day: April 28.

The 32-year-old sisters gave birth separated only by one hospital room. Grant gave birth to eight-pound, 12-ounce Roman at 11:42 a.m. A few hours later, Abraham delivered nine-pound, 12-ounce Aaron at 3:21 p.m.

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What Are The Chances For Twins Sharing Delivery Dates?

Both mom and babies are doing fine. The new moms marvel at the amount of love and support shown from family, friends and even strangers.

“We were like, ‘What are the chances of us actually having them on the same day?'” Abraham told the Today Show. “It’s such a great way to bring a baby into this world. The well wishes and happiness from strangers is just unbelievable.”

How rare is this double birth by twins? A mathematician said the odds of twins giving birth on the same day is about eight in 100,000.

The families plan to throw co-birthday celebrations as the boys get older. And both moms admit they plan to dress the babies alike, even though they are cousins.

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“We’ll dress them in the same outfit,” Grant said to the Asbury Park Press. “We were dressed alike but in different colors growing up, so we’re going to torture them like that, too.”