Kelly Osbourne reaches 1-year sobriety milestone

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Reality TV star-turned-television host Kelly Osbourne is celebrating a very important anniversary this week: It has been one year since she has taken a sip of alcohol.

Osbourne, the former co-host of E!’s “Fashion Police,” has been frank about her battles with sobriety and her mental health in the past. She says that she has been in seven rehabs and two mental institutions, and she was open about the fact that she was still drinking even after her rehab stints.

Getty, Tommaso Boddi

However, after numerous embarrassing public incidents and painful private moments, the star committed to a new program of recovery, including weekly therapy sessions which have apparently been invaluable to her mental health and sobriety. Yet she cautions others that recovery is only possible when the person is truly ready to do the work and commit to the program.

“What I’ve learnt is that no amount of therapy or medication is going to work unless you want it to,” the outspoken 33-year-old told Britain’s The Sun. “Until you want to be a good person, you will never be one.”

Osbourne posted this inspiring message on her Instagram page to commemorate the milestone:

If you are curious, the app from which Osbourne shared the screenshot is the 12 Steps Companion, which not only includes “The Big Book” (the famous Alcoholics Anonymous book), but it also includes inspiring quotes, prayers and a handy tool which will let you keep track of exactly how long it has been since you took your last drink.

Osbourne has also written a book about her past, her famous family and her battles with personal demons, called “There Is No F*cking Secret: Letters From a Badass Bitch.” And, while she is currently single, Osbourne says that she is open to finding love, and is even actively looking for possible dates on the online dating app Raya.

“It’s the world we’re living in now,” she told The Sun. “I’m yet to meet anyone on it but lots of famous people have contacted me on it.”

Hmm, I wonder who!?

Here’s wishing Kelly Osbourne continued recovery, peace of mind and maybe even a little love in her future!