KFC gets creative with its newest test item: chicken and waffles

There are few things as satisfying as biting into a greasy piece of crispy fried chicken, am I right? Fortunately, the fast food chain KFC has begun testing out a new treat that is pretty much universally beloved: good ol’ chicken and waffles! It is being rolled out in select locations in Asheville, Greenville, and Charlotte, North Carolina, now through July 29.

The KFC team are testing the dish out to see if they should expand their chicken and waffle game nationwide. It seems like a good move considering the popularity of this indulgent brunch item.

kentucky fried chicken photo
Getty Images | Matt Cardy

“We know that chicken and waffles has a cult following across the country, especially in the South, but not everyone has it available close by,” Mike Wesley, KFC’s senior marketing director, said in a press release statement.

According to a reporter from The Charlotte Observer who tried out this new creation, KFC’s version of chicken and waffles comes with Belgian-style waffles and two pieces of classic fried chicken. Customers can choose between dark meat or boneless chicken tenders. And of course, you get a side of Mrs. Butterworth’s butter-flavored syrup, because what’s chicken and waffles if it’s not drenched in syrup?

“The waffle itself is thick and chewy, with a little butter flavor on its own, even before you introduce Mrs. Butterworth to the Colonel,” reads the article. “It’s not a very sweet waffle, even though KFC supposedly is using imported Belgian pearl sugar to make it, but it does have a little malted flavor.”

So, there you have it: Do KFC’s chicken and waffles sound appetizing to you?

Fried chicken has gone down some strange marketing paths in recent years. Who remembers the fried chicken-scented candle, made with secret herbs and spices? How about the chicken-scented sunscreen?(Why anyone would want to smell like fried chicken on a hot day at the beach is beyond me, though it did sell out!) Then there was pickle-fried chicken and the chizza, aka pizza with a fried chicken crust.

Truly, we are living in boom times for fried chicken. If you live in North Carolina, will you be sampling KFC’s new chicken and waffles menu item?