Kimberly Williams-Paisley and sister Ashley Williams to star in two Hallmark Christmas movies

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Two Hallmark Channel film stars are teaming up for some new holiday movie magic. What makes this partnership even more special? The stars are sisters!

Kimberly Williams-Paisley (“Father of the Bride”) and Ashley Williams (“The Jim Gaffigan Show”) announced they have two projects in development for the Hallmark Channel. While both have worked on numerous projects for the popular cable network in the past, the siblings have never before teamed up for a single movie.

“My sister and I are developing a pair of Christmas movies,” Williams-Paisley told the International Business Times. “We love each other, we love each other’s work and so we’re excited to move forward with the pair of Christmas movies because I think that’s a great fit for us.”

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The Leading Ladies Will Wear Multiple Hats

According to Williams-Paisley, the sisters will be the executive producers for both movies. On top of that, each sister will also take a turn in the lead role of one of the films, while the other takes on a supporting role. It’s an “interesting concept that Hallmark hasn’t really done before,” according to Williams-Paisley.

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The movies only have working titles at this point: “Lights, Camera, Christmas: Part One” and “Lights, Camera, Christmas: Part Two.” Williams-Paisley said she and her sister hope to get the movies out “at some point in the next couple of years.”

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It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Williams-Paisley is a Hallmark Channel mainstay, with starring roles in the mystery movie franchise “Darrow and Darrow” and last year’s “The Christmas Train.” Meanwhile, sister Ashley had her own Hallmark Christmas movie in 2017, “Christmas in Evergreen.”

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So why has it taken so long for these hard-working sisters to finally come together to star in their own movies? We don’t know for sure, but even they seem happy they’re finally coming together.

“It’s just so funny that we haven’t yet [made a Hallmark movie together],” Williams-Paisley told IBT. “And it’s strange, but I bet once we start, we won’t be able to stop.”

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Which sounds like all the more reason to stock up on hot chocolate ingredients, whip up a new recipe and cozy up for some holiday — and sister — fun.

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